May 022015

avatar An epic plan devised by Vala leads to the capture of Adria by Ba’al which wasn’t really the idea but hey the best laid plans and all that. Well fooling Adria into believing Vala had been turned against by the SGC after they suspected her of being under the influence of Adria worked well and of course getting Adria to the location of the trap was flawless but no one expected the Jaffa of Ba’al to crash the party. Of course it gets worse as Ba’al looks to use Adria as an uber host and once under his control he would have full access to the armies of the Ori but it doesn’t turn out too badly when SG1 and the Odyssey launch a covert attack and kill Ba’al (which makes about a dozen dead clones this episode) but they were too late, Ba’al and Adria are one, creepy.

Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my little friend

Dominion doesn’t finish there though, the Tok’ra are called in to remove the symbiote but in pure spite it releases a poison into Adria and she then realises that the only option is to fully embrace her physical and intellectual perfection and to ascend but that’s a two edged sword, maybe she now has full access to a galaxy worth of power from the followers of Origin or she may just be Anubis times a thousand…

Well wasn’t Dominion a brilliant episode, it begins with you scratching your head as the events surrounding Vala are retold and make no sense given what we know but it soon becomes clear and then the uber twist with Ba’al getting involved and then the twist with the clone massacre and the conquest of Adria. Deep breath the episode ends with the accession of Adria and while certain plot arcs can be considered closed there is more than enough wiggle room to make The Ark of Truth a reality. Kudos to Morena and Cliff who both really shone and maybe were a little larger than life but I think SG1 has always had it’s tongue firmly in cheek. Thank you to everyone that has listened to the show and continue to give us excellent support across social media, the polls and wrap up shows are on the horizon so keep your eye out and make sure you vote when the time comes:)

This weeks promo is for Generations Geek a father/daughter podcast which looks at movies, television, events with lots of interviews, excellent show. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the Stargate Atlantis episode Vengeance and we have a first time guest, hope you tune in and don’t forget that we’d love to hear what you think about anything Stargate.



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Jul 272013

avatar2 The members of SG1 are stuck 5000 years in the past but in this alternate timeline dorky Daniel and Sam after helping to discover the location of the second gate are put onto the expedition thanks to Jack returning to the military which in turn is thanks to Major Kawalsky his long time friend and compatriot. The use the jumper to travel to Chulak in search of Tealc who they believe will be open to helping them but on arrival they are captured by the Jaffa of Apophis and Daniel is take for interrogation and then when they escape he reveals that his no longer the Daniel we knew for such a short space of time. In a clever tactic they take the jumper 5000 years into the past of Chulak and use the gate to travel to Earth and they appear shortly after the original SG1 arrived but find that well they did not fare very well. Only Daniel survived which means once again we have a full compliment of SG1 to rally the natives to rebel and over throw Ra but this time to use the Jumper and it’s cloak to secure the gate and make sure it will be discovered under the cover stones 5 millennia later. A blink of an eye later here is a SG1 watching the video of themselves recovered from a dig site and well everything seems to have worked out so lets all go fishing and they do including Sam but there shouldn’t be any fish in this pond…

Close enough?

Moebius Part 2 is a fantastic season finale and watch together the two parter is brilliant time travel science fiction. It was great to see “evil” Teal’c once again as the First Prime to a snazzy looking Apophis played by Peter Williams who refused to cut his hair hence the use of the fancy hat. We lost Daniel and gained Daniel and lost Teal’c, Sam and Jack but hey we are back to a full compliment of SG1, come on don’t you love time travel tales:)

Who is Missing?

Who is Missing?

The episode has for the most part stunning levels of location shots, composite scenes and set pieces although one or two shots were a little sub-standard as Peter commented on in the episode commentary, budget and practical limits played a part but next season a full size location jumper will solve many of these mainly for Atlantis.

As a season finale the episode was awesome and a lot of the credit goes to the final fishing scene and slow pull back across the pond and we’ve seen that shot before but it doesn’t matter it works so well. If this had been the series finale it would have worked just as well, the story and conclusion providing a fitting end to SG1 and passing the torch full time to Atlantis.

As it should be

As it should be

Once again we have to thank Scott and Miles for joining us in the recording of this show, they were excellent and with fewer audio issues the final result was more to my liking. We may have to try to convince them to make another appearance some time in the future:)

Next week we take a leap at the Stargate Atlantis season 1 finale “The Siege Part 1” with Jeff from the states joining us for that recording, hope you can join us and maybe leave a comment, review or any sort of feedback I can’t tell you how much it means to us. Thanks to Brad for posting his mini-feature on Gatecast 106 “Menace” over on the Facebook Group and thanks to everyone that we interact with us on twitter and Stephen for the email:)



Jul 212012

 SG1 visit an alien world for a meeting with a Jaffa resistance leader but they come under attack from the loyal followers of the local system lord Moloc, help from a surprising source rescues SG1 and a new ally is revealed and it’s not one they expected.
An all female Jaffa community made up of the priestesses and rescued women of the system lord Moloc stage hit and run attacks to aquire symbiotes to give life to the female children as they enter puberty. Faced with such a revelation SG1 offer the drug tritonin to the women and four volunteer to test the drug in the hopes of freeing themselves from dependency on the symbiotes. Teal’c meanwhile develops an emotional bond with Ishta the leader of this community as both have lost their mates and through this bond he convinces Ishta after the death of one of the test subjects to continue with the Tritonin.

Tough Crowd

Birthright was written by Christopher Judge as as you would imagine is very Teal’c centric and of course the part of Ishta was penned for Jolene Blalock, let that be a lesson to everyone if you want something then maybe doing it yourself is the way to go:)
The episode itself looks great with a lot of location work in and around the village of the Jaffa women and this one episode has perhaps the most graphic demonstration of how well staff weapons can be used. The use of Tritonin is a logical next step to replace the symbiote but the concerns made within the episode in regards to being dependent upon the Earth and/or Tokra for the drug are valid, the Jaffa need to produce the drug themselves and even then something so basic would be ripe for exploitation.

Even tougher crowd!

It’s good to see Teal’c getting back into the game and with someone very close to his skills in terms of combat as well as shouldering the responsibilites of command something which he has to deal with when leading the “free” Jaffa.

This weeks promo is from Pulp Audio Weekly and next week we cover the first episode of the two parter “Evolution” as Anubis makes a fresh move in the war between him and well everyone. Many thanks for the feedback this week and once again still working on itunes and a few other changes, details as and when.


Jun 092012

 While making a strategic withdrawl aka running away SG1 gate back to Earth but Tealc is hit while dawdling in the line of fire on the ramp, silly boy. With severe damage to his pouch and without a symbiote to heal him he goes through an extensive convalescence but suffers mental issues as he adapts to being weaker and in his culture less than a man. Daniel starts to have aural memories of his time as an ascended being which eventually reveal the location of Bratac and Ryac and thus a rescue mission is set in motion and Tealc is pretty much ordered to go. On the planet of Erebus captured Jaffa are worked to death mining and refining Naquada for the construction of Goauld ships, the SGC units arrive in time to aid a rebellion.

Fish in a barrel

Orpheus is a continuation of two main storylines the fist being the consequences of Daniels ascended status being withdrawn after he chose to act on his ethics and sense of right and wrong and the second is Teal’c and Bra’tac losing their symbiotes and relying on Tretonin. It’s quite difficult before watching the episode to see how these two story lines can merge but using the occasionally visited Jaffa resistance as the glue it works out pretty well. It’s not my favourite episode of the season but the location work is good even if it’s just the old gravel pit and as always there is some nice CGI, the show really never gets that wrong even on a TV budget.

UPS salesman do well at the shipyards

The only real grip and maybe it isn’t even a gripe is that we see Teal’c from a different side, he has rarely been the depressed oh woe is me type and feeling sorry for himself so it’s difficult to see the character in this light. Of course we then get the resolution and payoff as Teal’c fights for himself and his family ultimately achieving the desired results but taking a beating in the process.
Once he realises that what Bra’tac is saying in that the symbiote doesn’t make the man it’s his own strength of character and will that defines him Teal’c is once again the symbol for the rebellion.

Many thanks for the feedback this week and we had the new promo from Colin’s Star Trek podcast. Next week we are covering the fifth episode of the season “Revisions”, join us and why not send in a comment or post something here or on Facebook or Twitter.




Apr 142012

  Tealc the fire fighter, Tealc the Jaffa, Tealc the man but which one is the real Tealc and that question is the focal point as he struggles to come to terms with his existence even though he is unaware that factors outside his perception are at play.
The Changling was written by Christopher Judge and as you would expect it is Teal’c centric and why not
no one knows the character better then he does and the twist is the multiple realities he exists in and for the most part unaware that his life as a fire fighter isn’t real.

The episode is awash with guest stars playing the characters from his life so Bra’tac, Apophis and Shauna makes important contributions with Jacob and Daniel adding elements to the overall mix.
The overall production of the episode is good, the location work involving a real fire unit is a highlight of the episode since you can not beat fire trucks in any show and the pyrotechnics are just a bonus. The hospital location again adds so much to the episode, the much larger location working well especially the gardens but it’s the merging of the realities through mainly simply practical shots that jolt the senses in a good way.

I know that guy!

What is surprising and shouldn’t be is that the big battle that causes the whole situation is never shown, the story actually doesn’t need the excitement or action as the writing and “real world” set pieces work just fine.

Next week we will be covering “Memento” so feedback for that show would be appreciated and a big thank you to all those who contributed to the community this week. Thanks to Colin over on Trek News & Views for the promo we played and barring unforeseen events Colin will be joining us to record the season 6 wrap up show so remember to vote in the season 6 poll:)




Aug 272011

  An assault on a Russian convoy and the capture of a Jaffa gets the ball rolling and leads to the kidnapping of Sam while she is off duty. Jack does his own investigation working around the limitations of his status in law enforcement but being more open to the unusual he takes as gospel the eye witness who claimed to have seen “ninjas”. They rope in Maybourne who as it turned out may not be involved with Sam but certainly played a part in the whole situation but can Jack trust him or even put any faith in Simmons another aspect of the NID who have proven to be dodgy to say the least. Finally the truth is revealed and in essence it’s an old tale of those with power and influence plus a ton of cash willing to do anything to survive but with this case some good intentions which went out the window when others started making the choices.

Stargate kills Russians.. a lot!

Desperate Measures is a pretty good addition to the NID/Political arc of the show which is beginning to make it’s presence felt. As the series goes on we get a lot more of this sort of complexity between competing factions on Earth (human and maybe not so much) and in the case Conrad while not really being a bad guy puts the pieces in place so when his direct influence is removed the desires of others (the doctor, girlfriend, NID) take over and well it doesn’t end well.

Danny is the MAN

It’s always good to see Harry Maybourne and of course Colonel Simmons is as greasy as always and a seriously creepy Doctor almost overloads the episodes with potential bad ‘uns even before we get the girlfriend who puts common sense to one side or the humans willing to kill for money. When you think about it then it’s pretty much a good example of how corrupt and depraved elements of out world are and how easy it could be for the Goa’uld and others to insert themselves.