Apr 142012

  Tealc the fire fighter, Tealc the Jaffa, Tealc the man but which one is the real Tealc and that question is the focal point as he struggles to come to terms with his existence even though he is unaware that factors outside his perception are at play.
The Changling was written by Christopher Judge and as you would expect it is Teal’c centric and why not
no one knows the character better then he does and the twist is the multiple realities he exists in and for the most part unaware that his life as a fire fighter isn’t real.

The episode is awash with guest stars playing the characters from his life so Bra’tac, Apophis and Shauna makes important contributions with Jacob and Daniel adding elements to the overall mix.
The overall production of the episode is good, the location work involving a real fire unit is a highlight of the episode since you can not beat fire trucks in any show and the pyrotechnics are just a bonus. The hospital location again adds so much to the episode, the much larger location working well especially the gardens but it’s the merging of the realities through mainly simply practical shots that jolt the senses in a good way.

I know that guy!

What is surprising and shouldn’t be is that the big battle that causes the whole situation is never shown, the story actually doesn’t need the excitement or action as the writing and “real world” set pieces work just fine.

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