Jun 092012

 While making a strategic withdrawl aka running away SG1 gate back to Earth but Tealc is hit while dawdling in the line of fire on the ramp, silly boy. With severe damage to his pouch and without a symbiote to heal him he goes through an extensive convalescence but suffers mental issues as he adapts to being weaker and in his culture less than a man. Daniel starts to have aural memories of his time as an ascended being which eventually reveal the location of Bratac and Ryac and thus a rescue mission is set in motion and Tealc is pretty much ordered to go. On the planet of Erebus captured Jaffa are worked to death mining and refining Naquada for the construction of Goauld ships, the SGC units arrive in time to aid a rebellion.

Fish in a barrel

Orpheus is a continuation of two main storylines the fist being the consequences of Daniels ascended status being withdrawn after he chose to act on his ethics and sense of right and wrong and the second is Teal’c and Bra’tac losing their symbiotes and relying on Tretonin. It’s quite difficult before watching the episode to see how these two story lines can merge but using the occasionally visited Jaffa resistance as the glue it works out pretty well. It’s not my favourite episode of the season but the location work is good even if it’s just the old gravel pit and as always there is some nice CGI, the show really never gets that wrong even on a TV budget.

UPS salesman do well at the shipyards

The only real grip and maybe it isn’t even a gripe is that we see Teal’c from a different side, he has rarely been the depressed oh woe is me type and feeling sorry for himself so it’s difficult to see the character in this light. Of course we then get the resolution and payoff as Teal’c fights for himself and his family ultimately achieving the desired results but taking a beating in the process.
Once he realises that what Bra’tac is saying in that the symbiote doesn’t make the man it’s his own strength of character and will that defines him Teal’c is once again the symbol for the rebellion.

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Feb 112012

 First contact is made with the people of Pangar a society that is technology wise a few decades behind the Earth but with a stable culture albeit not exactly a fair and just one. SG1 as representatives of the Earth pay them a visit and are offered access to a drug (Tretonin) which the Pangarian people use to combat all forms of disease with almost god like success and in return they ask for training and information on gate travel, granted access to Goauld worlds is their goal but even that makes some sense based on their as yet undisclosed circumstance. It’s always nice to see airships in alien cultures even those that may be advanced enough to have moved passed that solution to air travel.

A very nice view

Jack is at his diplomatic best as he tries to point out the “stupidity” of these people going to any of the Goa’uld homeworlds whilst Jonas and Teal’c investigate the ruins which provided these people with their Stargate lore. It’s here the discovery is made which reveals the secret Pangar is hiding and opens up a whole new can of worms and brings the Tok’ra into the mix. Cure is pretty much a standalone episode but is vital for two reasons, the first is the importance to the long running Tok’ra storyline and the second to the future of the series which becomes more apparant as we go along:)

Expecting Guests

As always there is some very nice location work and for once it didn’t look like it was raining, the guest stars and their characters were well suited to the story and while overall the episode was nothing special it’s well worth repeated viewings especially in light of what comes later in the series.

I’ve got a secret

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