May 022015

avatar¬†An epic plan devised by Vala leads to the capture of Adria by Ba’al which wasn’t really the idea but hey the best laid plans and all that. Well fooling Adria into believing Vala had been turned against by the SGC after they suspected¬†her of being under the influence of Adria worked well and of course getting Adria to the location of the trap was flawless but no one expected the Jaffa of Ba’al to crash the party. Of course it gets worse as Ba’al looks to use Adria as an uber host and once under his control he would have full access to the armies of the Ori but it doesn’t turn out too badly when SG1 and the Odyssey launch a covert attack and kill Ba’al (which makes about a dozen dead clones this episode) but they were too late, Ba’al and Adria are one, creepy.

Say hello to my little friend

Say hello to my little friend

Dominion doesn’t finish there though, the Tok’ra are called in to remove the symbiote but in pure spite it releases a poison into Adria and she then realises that the only option is to fully embrace her physical and intellectual perfection and to ascend but that’s a two edged sword, maybe she now has full access to a galaxy worth of power from the followers of Origin or she may just be Anubis times a thousand…

Well wasn’t Dominion a brilliant episode, it begins with you scratching your head as the events surrounding Vala are retold and make no sense given what we know but it soon becomes clear and then the uber twist with Ba’al getting involved and then the twist with the clone massacre and the conquest of Adria. Deep breath the episode ends with the accession of Adria and while certain plot arcs can be considered closed there is more than enough wiggle room to make The Ark of Truth a reality. Kudos to Morena and Cliff who both really shone and maybe were a little larger than life but I think SG1 has always had it’s tongue firmly in cheek. Thank you to everyone that has listened to the show and continue to give us excellent support across social media, the polls and wrap up shows are on the horizon so keep your eye out and make sure you vote when the time comes:)

This weeks promo is for Generations Geek a father/daughter podcast which looks at movies, television, events with lots of interviews, excellent show. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the Stargate Atlantis episode Vengeance and we have a first time guest, hope you tune in and don’t forget that we’d love to hear what you think about anything Stargate.



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