Jul 212012

 SG1 visit an alien world for a meeting with a Jaffa resistance leader but they come under attack from the loyal followers of the local system lord Moloc, help from a surprising source rescues SG1 and a new ally is revealed and it’s not one they expected.
An all female Jaffa community made up of the priestesses and rescued women of the system lord Moloc stage hit and run attacks to aquire symbiotes to give life to the female children as they enter puberty. Faced with such a revelation SG1 offer the drug tritonin to the women and four volunteer to test the drug in the hopes of freeing themselves from dependency on the symbiotes. Teal’c meanwhile develops an emotional bond with Ishta the leader of this community as both have lost their mates and through this bond he convinces Ishta after the death of one of the test subjects to continue with the Tritonin.

Tough Crowd

Birthright was written by Christopher Judge as as you would imagine is very Teal’c centric and of course the part of Ishta was penned for Jolene Blalock, let that be a lesson to everyone if you want something then maybe doing it yourself is the way to go:)
The episode itself looks great with a lot of location work in and around the village of the Jaffa women and this one episode has perhaps the most graphic demonstration of how well staff weapons can be used. The use of Tritonin is a logical next step to replace the symbiote but the concerns made within the episode in regards to being dependent upon the Earth and/or Tokra for the drug are valid, the Jaffa need to produce the drug themselves and even then something so basic would be ripe for exploitation.

Even tougher crowd!

It’s good to see Teal’c getting back into the game and with someone very close to his skills in terms of combat as well as shouldering the responsibilites of command something which he has to deal with when leading the “free” Jaffa.

This weeks promo is from Pulp Audio Weekly and next week we cover the first episode of the two parter “Evolution” as Anubis makes a fresh move in the war between him and well everyone. Many thanks for the feedback this week and once again still working on itunes and a few other changes, details as and when.