Sep 012012

 Jacob and Samantha are at the Beta site finishing off the research on a Kull Warrior weapon based on the Ancient device recovered from the ruins of the former System Lord Telchaks palace. The SGC lose contact with the base and SG1 find the whole region devastated perhaps by the bases self destruct device, the few survivors inform then that they were attacked by a full compliment of Jaffa and Super Soldiers who knew exactly where to go leading to the suspicion that the location and secret project had been leaked to Anubis by a rebel Jaffa or Tok’ra.

The search for survivors and more importantly to SG1 both Sam and Jacob finally pays off when Jacob is recovered and has the new weapon but it’s only loaded with a partially effective power source, Sam who is now on the run from a tracking Super Soldier has the new power pack but she is seriously injured and still carrying the after effects of her wound recieved while onboard the Prometheus. Meanwhile back in the SGC the investigation into the leaking of the location of the base continues with both Tok’ra and Jaffa having been in a position to have inadvertently released the information when under control by Anubis. It soon becomes apparant that the breaking point has been reached, the Tok’ra can no longer operate in the open with dwindling numbers while the Jaffa now free resent being under the thumb of the Earth.

I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok…

Death Knell is a Sam centric episode even though she only appears in about half of the scenes, this was down to Amanda’s hectic shooting schedule which had her working on three episodes at the same time. That aside this is a big episode, the recently felled forest and gravel pits make a fantastic high production value location for a decimated complex, this fact was one reason behind the creation of the episode as well as providing the pivotal story to fracture the alliance leaving the Earth open to any assaut from Anubis which is long over due. Amanda acts her socks off especially given all the location work with Peter DeLuise demanding more dirt on her body and face as well as a truly bloody and gory wound. We even had a Willy E Coyote moment as she builds a trap for the Super Soldier which is really impractical yet works and then follow that up with a touching moment between Jack and Sam which speaks volumes for their underlying relationship.

That’s how you get wounded in the ass, go ask McKay.

This weeks promo is from our friend Nuchtchas and her Nutty Bites podcast and next week we’ll be discussing S7E17 “Heroes Part I” with a guest host.
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We’ve also included a short review of a piece of SG1 fan fiction from Helen ( @madders_ahatter ) who wrote a 20,000 word novella “The Long Haul” whose events are set during the second season of the show.
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Aug 042012

 The SGC launch a raid on the homeworld of the Super Soldiers and try to dodge the minions of Anubis, they discover the secret of the Kull Warriors creation and perhaps their ultimate weakness. Meanwhile Jack is sanctioned to enter Honduras on a covert mission to rescue Daniel and Bill who are being held for ransom by rebels, complications arise when the artefact is turned on and starts to influence the people around it leading to a possible zombie apocalypse.

Evolution Part 2 continues with the two story threads which were laid out in the first episode of this mid-season two parter. Sam, Teal’c and Bra’tac lead an covert assault on Tartarus thanks to the infilration of the base by Jacob in the armour of the dead Kull soldier. They discover that Anubis either controls a Gou’ald queen or is allied with one and she is producing thousands of symbiotes without the genetic memory. Each one will provide a Kull with strength and healing but without the drive for power and with total obedience to Anubis so the Queen becomes the priority target despite the revelation that Anubis already has a few thousand mature warriors ready to go.

Star Wars, eat your heart out.

In South America Jack has teamed up with Burke a former special forces commrade who now works for the CIA as an agent covering Honduras and Nicaragua, there is bad blood between them but both put aside the past to complete the mission which turns out to be something of a full on fire fight and zombie blood fest. It seems the alien device which was the basis of the fountain of youth not only causes mild megalomania in humans but also like a sarcophagus brings life back to the dead.

Pretty but very dangerous

Jack and Burke have very good chemistry although Burke is played very light weight and cheerful almost a little crazy which balances out the distrust and anger he has towards Jack, the situations the two find themselves in provides plenty of scope for both humour and all out action. As with a few earlier episodes the short supply of P90 brass casings limits the onscreen firing of the weapon by Jack but there are still plenty of AK-47 and Shotgun rounds on the market. Daniel and Bill as before work well together although a lot less screen time in the second episode and a strange choice to leave Bill totally out of the final scene making us question if they forgot him and he is still walking around the jungle. Jacob rocks it in the Super Soldier (Kull Warrior) armour despite Dan Payne doing the acutal full armour peformance (height and build etc). Bra’tac is as always wise and competent and keeps putting the youngsters in their place and they certainly needed his skills as they fight their way out of the facility and make their escape in a cargo ship.

Sitting Ducks

Evolution Part 2 is certainly not the end to the Super Soldier story in fact it’s just the beginning as Anubis extends his grasp on the galaxy and looks to exploit the power he now has thanks to the pillaging of the Asgard technology via Thor and Jonas, the action and aminious threats soon mount up.

This weeks promo is from British Invaders a show which talks about classic and contempary British genre television, well worth a listen. As always thanks for the feedback via and next week we will be watching and discussing the episode “Grace” a Sam Carter centric tale set aboard the Prometheus.

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Jul 282012

 A decimated Jaffa contingent is discovered and the carnage indicates an enemy new to the SGC, Tealc and Bratac are then surprised by a “super soldier” clad in energy damning armour and equipped with heavy weaponry, lucky for them it’s already been pushed during the initial battle and can not maintain it’s own life force under another round of combat. Investigation into the creature indicates a next generation approach to the technology which underpins the Sarcopheagus which in turn indicates Anubis is taking steps to free himself of the reliance on Jaffa to be his army and their increasing rebellious nature.

Clean up on aisle 3…

Evolution Part 1 is the first of a mid-season two parter in which Anubis and the super soldier play a major part occuping Sam, Jack and Teal’c while Daniel and Dr Lee have adventure south of the border dealing with the consequences of tracking down the remnants of a former Goa’uld who ruled over the long gone Mayan culture and who may have been the genesis of the foutain of youth myth. Two very good stories the first with some excellent action sequences and the second far more dramtic and tense, a good combination if done correctly and while giving nothing away it’s kept up in the next episode. It’s great to see Dr Lee getting out and about again as he provides both humour and competnence in one package, not unusual in Stargate scientists but it is reserved more for regular cast members.

Shades of Grey?

The conlusion to the episode mixes the cliffhanger styles giving us two for the price of one and again that pays off, if the assault on the homeworld of the super soldiers doesn’t get you going then Jack reverting to his earlier career and going to the rescue of Daniel should do the trick. We had some feedback this week from Colin and Michael, much appreciated as always and lots of chat on the Facebook page and some action over on G+ and Twitter. The promo this week is from the Flash Pulp Podcast and next week no surprise we will be covering Evolution II.