May 282016

Air Part 1

Welcome to our very first look at Stargate Universe and the first episode Air Part 1 which in this case is part of the extended release on the DVD/Blu-ray, for the purposes of the podcast we cut the double episode in half and will be looking at Air Part 2 next week.

The story of Stargate Universe begins with the view of the Destiny (as we come to learn) and onboard the activation of a Stargate, by mixing up the timelines we learn that the SGC has an off world base codenamed Icarus which is using the geo-thermal properties of an alien world to power its Stargate and access the ninth chevron. The complexities of energy manipulation has prevented a successful activation until the puzzle is sent out into the real world by means of a computer game. This game is solved by Eli Wallace (played by David Blue) who is then shanghaied by General O’Neill and brought to Icarus to work with Dr Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and along for the ride comes the Senator who was instrumental in securing the funding for the base and his daughter who came up with the idea to exploit gamers. During the visit the base comes under attack from the Lucian Alliance and Eli has a flash of inspiration, the symbols required are not just an address but also incorporate a code, the Earth symbol should not work but when used the wormhole is opened and with no other option the survivors of Icarus flee through the gate. They arrive on board Destiny with many injuries including Colonel Young (Louis Ferreira) and begin to explore not realising at first they are onboard a starship billions of light years away from the Milky Way and Earth…

Da Boys are Here

Well there you go the first look at Stargate Universe and it was far better than I remembered infact all three parts of Air were a very rewarding viewing experience. The main cast is incredible and as you would expect the Stargate producers have made full use of continuity and the acting pool of Stargate veterans to populate the screen, it paid off big time for those of us who are familiar with the franchise. The production quality right from the start was incredible for television and felt very different to what SG1 and Atlantis has offered in the years before, as it turned out that may have played a part in the show only getting two seasons but those two seasons are an adventure to say the least:)

We’ve got to thank Jeff for returning to the podcast (sucker for punishment) and our first timer Steve who is a veteran podcaster in his own right. Together with myself and Alan I think we did one of our better episode commentaries/discussions, the fourth voice I think added that extra something and for once Skype was well behaved. So next week we are back with the same line up and taking a look at Air Part 2, we hope you join us and we want your feedback on the podcast and Stargate Universe, if nothing else SGU generated discussion in the Stargate fan community:)



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May 272016

Louis Gossett Jr.
Louis guest starred in five episodes of Stargate SG1 as the Jaffa Gerak, it seemed like many more as his screen presence was a great boon to the show. He more recently had a recurring role on Boardwalk Empire and has a long list of shows over the last few decades including The Powers of Matthew Star, Backstairs at the White House, Roots, An Officer And A Gentleman, Enemy Mine and of course Iron Eagle. IMDB Official Twitter

Louis Gossett Jr
Ivan Cermak
Ivan appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG1, first as Captain Hagman in Redemption Part 1 and then Major Altman in Prototype. He has has also guest starred on Human Target, Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Smallville and Fringe and now works in finance. IMDB Twitter
Tyler McClendon
Tyler played Kenny the wraith on Stargate Atlantis and eventually appeared on six episodes of the series and also played Lt. Banks in the Stargate SG1 episode Avalon Part 1. He has guest starred on Fringe, Eureka, Dead Like Me, Battlestar and Underworld: Awakening. IMDB
Cydney McCurdy
Cydney was a casting assistant on the Stargate theatrical feature film, she has also worked on Clockers, Kingdom Come, The Big Leaf, Ray and MacArthur Park. IMDB

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May 262016

Musetta Vander
Musetta guest starred in two episodes of Stargate SG1, Shan’auc the Jaffa priestess in Crossroads and then as her alternate safe Shauna in The Changling. She has also guest starred on episodes of Star Trek Voyager, Babylon 5, Highlander, Buffy, Xena, NCIS, Transylmania and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. IMDB Twitter Official
Musetta Vander

May 252016

Brandy Kopp
Brandy played a Marine in the Stargate Atlantis episode “Sunday” and she’s also been in Wolf Lake, Smallville, The 4400, Special Unit 2, Supernatural and Bitter Bartender. She has also provides the voices for animated shows and video games. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice
Michael Benyaer
Michael is a well respected voice actor as well having a good resume in front of camera, he voiced a number of uncredited roles on Stargate Infinity as well as providing voices on shows such as Robot Chicken, Reboot and GI Joe. He has also guest starred on Intelligence, Motive, Sanctuary, Olympus and will be on the new Prison Break. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice
Barry Levy
Barry played Major Hawkins on the Stargate SG1 episode The First Ones and has also appeared on The Outer Limits, Millennium, Scandal, Revenge, Aquarius and Perception. He is also a writer/director and producer. IMDB Twitter

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May 242016

Ron Blecker
Ron is former member of the US Army and was a technical/military advisor on Stargate and appeared in three episodes of the series as a guard or marine (Lost City Part 1, Miller’s Crossing and The Siege Part 3). He has also worked on dozens of tv show and movies including Battlestar Galactica, Traffic, Harsh Realm, The Net, Taken, Shooter, I, Robot and Sucker Punch and operates a business which serves the movie and tv industry. IMDB
Ron Blecker

May 232016

Geoff Redknap
Geoff has pretty much done everything within television from acting on both Stargate SG1 (Oranian Officer, Jup and Alien) and Atlantis (Old Sheppard & Old Sumner) as well as being a puppeteer on Stargate SG1, Falling Skies, The Haunting Hour and Dreamcatcher. He has also written, directed and edited his own work and worked in the make up departments of Fringe, Supernatural, The Flash, Deadpool and The X-Files. IMDB Twitter
Geoff Redknap

May 222016

Claude Knowlton
Claude guest starred as a doctor in the Stargate SG1 episode Avalon Part 1 and also made appearances on shows such as New Girl, iZombie, Just Cause, The Net, First Wave, Seven Days, Arrow and Rizzoli & Isles. IMDB Official Twitter
Kevin Minato
Kevin played a boy in the Stargate Atlantis episode Letters from Pegasus and has also worked on media projects as a grip, camera operator and cinematographer. IMDB Youtube

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May 212016

Keith R. A. DeCandido

Well here we are with something a little different, an interview with the author Keith R. A. DeCandido.

Keith is a New Yorker born and bred who took to literature at a very early age encouraged by his parents with an interesting choice of authors. You may want to think back to what you were reading as a youngster then compare it to Keith’s reading list, for me a world of difference:) Keith is also a professional editor and has written his own original novels as well as making full use of  licensed content and novelisations. His media and online endeavours populate an extensive list of accomplishments, check the links you will be amazed. Join Alan and Mike on this podcast as we chat with Keith about his work in the media and more specifically the appeal of Stargate and the result of said interest with his new novel “Kali’s Wrath” which was released on May 19th as an ebook and the paperback is out soon.

Keith R. A. DeCandido

Keith R. A. Decandido

We want to thank Keith for giving us his time and since the interview was recorded a few days before the book was released and this podcast is being released a few days after I have tagged on a small review of the novel at the end of the interview, spoiler free. Next week we are going to be kicking off our Stargate Universe adventure starting with Air Part 1, Steve and Jeff joined us for that so gear up it turned out rather well:)


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May 212016

I watched the season 13 finale of NCIS the other day and it marked the return to the series for Marina Sirtis reprising her role as the Mossad leader Orli Elbaz in an episode named Family First. It was not only the conclusion to the season but also the mini-arc comprising four episodes.

NCIS returns for a fourteenth season later in the year.

Marina Sirtis_NCIS

May 202016

John Billingsley
John played the adorable Dr Simon Coombs in the Stargate SG1 episode The Other Guys and was fantastic as Dr Phlox on Enterprise. He recently starred on Intelligence and has guest starred on shows such as Masters of Sex, Bones, True Blood, 24, Prison Break, Scrubs and The Nine. IMDB
Tahmoh Penikett
Tahmoh appeared once on Stargate SG1 playing Third a human form replicator on the episode Unnatural Selection but he is in great demand on the genre market and can be seen recently on Continuum, Strange Empire and Supernatural. He made his name as Karl Agathon aka Helo on Battlestar Galactica and has also appeared on Arrow, Dollhouse, Riverworld, Smallville and Castle. IMDB Twitter
Leela Savasta
Leela played Captain Alicia Vega in the Atlantis episodes Whispers and Search & Rescue and Dr. Rafaela Esposito in the episode Tao of Rodney. She has also appeared on Smallville, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Cra$h & Burn, Psych and Santa’s Little Helper. IMDB Twitter Official
Brian Ho
Brian is an actor and stunt performer who has been on Stargate Atlantis, Arrow, The 100, Marco Polo, Transformers: Age Of Extinction, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Pacific Rim, Man Of Steel and Total Recall. IMDB Official
J.C. Vaughn
Contributing author to Stepping Through the Stargate: Science, Archaeology and the Military in Stargate SG-1 and co-writer of the Stargate Atlantis season comic books. He has also written stories/comics/novels for 24, The Three Stooges, Zombie Proof and Aztec Journal. Twitter Official

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May 192016

Jason Gray-Stanford
Jason guest starred on the Stargate SG1 episode Past and Present as Orner, he also starred as Lt. Disher on Monk and guest starred on Taken, The Outer Limits, Republic of Doyle, Mistresses, Millennium and supplied the voices for dozens of characters in many animated shows and features. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice
Jason Gray-Stanford

May 182016

Ronald Patrick Thompson
Ronald guest starred as Airman Rennie on the Stargate Universe episode Justice and has also appeared on Fringe, Arrow, Endgame, Supernatural, The Flash, Second Chance and Continuum. IMDB Official Twitter
Erik Holland
Erik played Professor Langford in the Stargate movie and has also appeared on MacGyver, Ghostbusters 2, Baywatch, Titanic and in the original Star Trek episode Wink Of An Eye. IMDB
John Zulinski
John was the Key Grip for 34 episodes of Stargate Universe and 98 episodes of Atlantis as well as Jeremiah and The Dead Zone. He has also worked on A Dog’s Breakfast, Babylon 5 Legend of the Rangers and Just in Time for Christmas. IMDB
Paul Moniz de Sa
Paul played Fannis on the Stargate SG1 episodes Origin and Avalon Part 2. He has also been on The Flash, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Fringe and iZombie. IMDB Twitter Official

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May 172016

Morena Baccarin & Ben McKenzie

Morena Baccarin debuted her slim post-baby body on the Fox upfronts red carpet in NYC on May 16 — see the pic from just two months after giving birth!

Source: Morena Baccarin Makes Slim Post-Baby Body Red Carpet Debut – Us Weekly

May 172016

Richard Leacock
Richard guest starred on two episodes of Stargate SG1 as Colonel Brogen in Foothold and a Sergeant in Bane. He has also appeared in Lake Placid, Doc, Dan for Mayor, Sanctuary, The Dead Zone, Starfall, 21 Jump Street, Vacation with Derek and Double Wedding. IMDB Twitter

May 162016
Danny Trejo
Danny guest starred on Stargate on the Atlantis episode Missing where he played Omal. His acting resume is huge and includes movies and television dating back to 1983, he entered the business late in life and with his distinctive looks and prolific work ethic he has become a star in the mainstream cinema and tv with credits like Sons Of Anarchy, King of the Kill, Spy Kids, Machete and Saint George. IMDB Official Twitter
Donovan Cerminara
Donovan played Sgt. Michaels on two episodes of Stargate Universe ( Malice and The Greater Good ) as well as guest spots on Fringe, Painkiller Jane, Flash Gordon and Bravo 5. He has also written, produced and directed television including 2020: The Series, No Good Deed and Operation Sunrise. IMDB Twitter

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In Memory of…
Tony Morelli (May 16th 1956 – April 19th 2015)
Tony was a stunt performer on Stargate Continuum and had two uncredited roles on Stargate SG1 in the episodes Heroes (SG5 Team Member) and Avenger 2.0 (Jaffa). He has also performed on Airwolf, The X-Files, Smallville, Fringe and Arrow. IMDB
Tony Morelli