Aug 292015

avatar The long range scans from Atlantis picks up a Hive ship stationary in deep space well away from any planets, the tracker embedded in Todd is pinging from the ship and as it shows no sign of movement a team is sent to investigate. While John and company are gearing up he puts his foot down with Teyla and clearly states that her pregnancy negates her going on this mission, he points out she may be the last of her people and she and her child can not be put at risk, she disagrees. Upon arrival the team discover a damaged Hive with dead Wraith onboard and the tracker lying in a pool of organic goo on the bridge fall, it had been torn out of Todd either by him or by who ever attacked the Hive ship. They seem quite pleased, while the Hive is damaged it’s not a write off and well Ronon said he didn’t touch anything but hey presto the intended destination of the Hive is on screen and indicates a highly classified Wraith complex. John after returning to Atlantis approaches Teyla and asks her to return to the Hive and use her talents to pilot the ship, she agrees and finds that her pregnancy seems to have increased her ability to merge her mind with the Hive control systems and the ship is much less stressful to fly. They arrive at the system where the complex is housed and find that a Hive ship is in orbit and the planet has a space gate, they take a cloaked jumper down (Teyla and Lorne stay onboard the Hive) and the team infiltrate the base and discover the usual creepy corridors and a number of birthing facilities. They also discover a huge chamber full of what look like cocoons or pods each holding a Wraith, McKay tells them that there may be over a hundred of these chambers in the complex meaning potentially thousands of Wraith. It turns out that Todd (who they find in a cell) had stolen a couple of ZPM’s from the Asuran homeworld during the battle and the complex needs ZPM energy levels to power this complex which uses a Queen to create a template Wraith off spring which is then cloned on a massive scale. Todd had planned all this but had been betrayed by one of his own who now serves the Queen in this base and before they can sabotage the complex they are stunned and imprisoned yet Todd manages to escape and make his way to the Hive with Teyla on board. The Queen interrogates the team and just before she feeds off Rodney her mind is taken over by Teyla using her enhanced mental strength to control a Wraith yet the mind battle goes on, a duel of wills which continues as the Queen releases the team and then just before she regains her being John empties his clip into her and they flee. They get to the Hive just in time for the other Hive to commence attacking but they can not leave without destroying the complex, they get into the jumper and send their Hive plummeting into the surface of the planet vaporising the complex. Todd once again lives to complicate matters another day and Teyla realises that she can not be act as if she only has to look after herself and teammates, she has a duty to her unborn which slightly alters her opinion on how John had treated her both as a friend and colleague.

SpoilsOfWar (21)

Spoils Of War is pretty much an unofficial third part of the mid-season two parter but then again this is serialised drama so it’s uncommon for episodes to be closely related just not quite this much. Not for the first time Todd is actually played by Brendan Penny and voiced by Christopher Heyerdahl and I’ll admit until doing the podcast that fact totally passed me by, in my defence first time around I wasn’t watching the show on a large tv or in HD and I was never big into forums and such like so a lot of trivia was passing me by. We got another Wraith Queen again played to perfection by Andee Frizzell who really got the malicious vibe on overdrive when she was confronting Teyla, that was perhaps more intense that her confrontation with John and Rodney. The sets and the visual effects were all good quality, not fall out from the high costs of recent episodes but it has to be said the Hive smashing into the planet could and should have been rendered to a much larger scale, this was a global killer not just a rather large boom. Mind you the look on the Wraith when he was told the Hive they were targeting was flying straight towards them was priceless:)

The episode is a very solid fourth season offering and it was good we got a little more balance to the Teyla situation, up to now it was all big bad John but as first Ronon gave her his support John had to admit he was perhaps a little too overprotective but on the flip side we did get to see Teyla also acknowledging her obligation to the child. All this had to be resolved as this aspect of the character and story is going to become very important as the season wraps and the fifth kicks off.

Many thanks to Jeff for joining us this week, we had a little technical hiccup about 9 minutes into the recording and I admit I panicked a little when I couldn’t find part of the recording but once I realised it had saved under a totally different naming format it all worked out ok. This weeks promo is for the SciFi Diner podcast and next week we are going to be talking about Quarantine which is a change of pace for the show, hope you join us for that and please let us know what you think, we want to know:)



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Aug 282015

Amanda Tapping
Amanda starred as Samantha Carter in way too many to mention episodes of Stargate SG1 and the two movies, she then went onto do a season of Stargate Atlantis and a guest appearance on Universe. Along with a few friends she then help create and star in Sanctuary playing Helen Magnus. A few guest appearances since then have included Supernatural, Motive, Package Deal and Killjoys as well as more time behind the camera directing. IMDB Twitter Official
Katie Findlay
Kate appeared just twice as Ellie on Stargate Unviverse in the episodes Epilogue and Common Descent as well as starring roles on How To Get Away With Murder, The Carrie Diaries and The Killing. She’s also guest starred on Psych and Fringe. IMDB Twitter
Kirby Morrow
Kirby played Tara’c and a Militia Man on Stargate SG1 (The Warrior and Cor-ai) and then a recurring role on Stargate Atlantis as Captain Dave Kleinman on eight episodes of Stargate Atlantis and finally a guest spot on Stargate Universe as a bridge officer in Incursion. He is also a prolific voice actor and also appeared on Arrow, Olympus, Cedar Cove, Human Target and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter Behind The Voice

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Aug 272015

Dean Devlin
Dean wrote and produced the 1994 Stargate theatrical feature film and is part of the driving force to bring the story back to the big screen. He has also wrote Independence Day, Universal Soldier, The Triangle and produced Leverage, Eight Legged Freaks, The Patriot and directed 16 episodes of Leverage. His latest feature Independence Day: Resurgence which he is producing just wrapped production and The Librarians which he produced and directed (2 eps) is returning for a second season. IMDB Twitter



Aug 262015

Nicholas Podbrey 
Nicholas was the Special Effects Makeup Coordinator for Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and works for MastersFX. He’s also worked on Slither, Fringe, Eureka, Sanctuary, Blood Ties, Bionic Woman and Caprica and in acting roles has appeared on Stargate: The Ark of Truth, Sanctuary, Slither and The Haunting in Connecticut. IMDB Masters FX Vimeo

Nicholas Podbrey


Aug 252015

Colby Johannson
Colby played Lt Kagan in the Stargate Atlantis episode Phantoms and SF Sergeant Finney in the SG1 episode Prometheus. He also guest starred on Men In Trees, Reaper, Battlestar Galactica and Fringe. IMDB Twitter
Ross Hull
Ross played Dr. Corrigan in the Stargate Atlantis episode Suspicion and Gary on Are You Afraid of the Dark? He also appeared on Student Bodies, Due South, Fearless and Iron Eagle 4. He left acting in 2005 and became a weather personality on Canada’s The Weather Network and in 2011 and then an anchor for CTV Southwestern Ontario. IMDB Twitter Twitter
Brad Dryborough
Brad was in Stargate SG1 “Sight Unseen” as the pickup driver and in the Atlatnis episode The Prodigal as the hybrid. He has also been in episodes of iZombie, Motive, Arctic Air, Fringe, The Killing and Falling Skies. IMDB Behind The Voice

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Aug 252015


Well I bought the Stargate off ebay and then the Iris insert, bought some LED lights and a base then put them all together and positioned my two Jaffa on guard as a type of Stargate Diorama, it didn’t turn quite right but I think I am happy with it for now.

Aug 242015

Welcome to my review of the fan fiction novel Stargate Aschen written by Kimberley Jackson.
There will be some spoilers but I don’t think there any that would ruin the book for you and well there are universal constants in literature which should offer
up no real surprises as to the direction of a story be it in novel form or screenplay. This review was first released on the podcast but not everyone listens to that and I know the website gets more visitors so here it is.


I’m sure you all remember the two Stargate SG1 episodes 2010 and 2001 which dealt with the Aschen civilisation, in a nut shell the Aschen take over whole planets and cultures by long term so called beneficial intervention but ultimately they manipulate fertility to reduce a worlds population then the remaining peoples are more or less farmers on a global scale to grow and export food to the Aschen homeworld.
As we know in the tv series the Aschen failed to make an impact on the primary reality of our Earth in the episode 2001 but in an alternate reality shown in 2010 they had a significant foothold and while they helped to defeat the Goa’uld the price the human race was paying was too high which then fed into the episode 2001 in which our SG1 meet the Aschen and are seriously tempted by their offer.

Kimberley has taken the core elements of the Aschen and set her novel in another reality or universe if you will, that gives the story a solid base and makes it easier for the readers to sync with the narrative but also allows for the characters to diverge from canon as and when required while still retaining the essence that made them what we came to love.

So the Aschen arrived on Earth in Egypt through the Stargate in the 13th century, they quickly took over and cull the population turning the Earth into a fertile garden with weather control technology and other devices. As the birth rate and population continued to decline over the centuries women were denied advanced education and slowly but surely taken from the workforce and were expected to be nothing but breeding machines.
In the year 799 (post aschen arrival) the unified culture of the Earth is pretty barbaric when it comes to those who are gifted with fertility, the men are given good jobs and rewards for fathering children with their mainly assigned wives and the women forced into marriage and breeding centers where forced conception is the norm. The only place on Earth you are likely to find a couple who are together for something as nebulous as love is amongst the infertile population who gain nothing from the current system and thus are free to choose who they spend their lives with. Sam Carter a 25 year old young woman is the daughter of a high ranking human official Jacob Carter, thanks to his resources and position he has been able to get Sam homeschooled unlike the vast majority of women but when her fertility test is positive they both now know her future is nothing but as a receptacle for the desires of a man and ultimately to be nothing but an incubator for the next generation of farmers. Unknown to Sam her father is part of the resistance and approaches his long term friend Jack O’Neill to take Sam as a wife (Jack is also gifted and is currently single), this would prevent Sam from being forced into the breeding centers and Jacob knows Jack would treat her right and worse case they would have two years before the Aschen authorities look to enforce the marriage contract in terms of producing offspring. Sam of course has turned into an intelligent and independent woman who gets a very brutal lesson in her position in the world, her Aschen boyfriend pretty much disowns her when he finds out she is gifted and the idea of being “sold off” to another man repulsors her and so determined to find and join the resistance she leaves the family home and ventures into the world.

That is pretty much how the story kicks off, we’ve already had many of the familiar characters and don’t let it worry you why these same people are here after the Aschen have twisted reality around and around for centuries, if you accept the multiverse then this variant is a given. It was also interesting to see how the culture had changed with the Aschen influence, humans live longer thanks to better medication and a cleaner environment but society wide the norm is not to have sex until your mid-twenties when the genetic screening begins looking primarily for fertility. In the non-gifted population there seems to be a more live and let live approach, sex is nothing since conception is impossible and the Aschen take a step back as long as the harvests are bountiful and associated endeavours are carried out, of course the gifted community are both the mouthpieces and primary line of control, too many of the men in positions of power seem to consider women are good for nothing but breeding and we also learn a significant number of women commit suicide when they find they are fertile, unfortunately drugs and restraints are used to force women to breed if they show decent, it is not a pleasant existence for those without power.

The human resistance began when the second stargate was found in the Antarctic, weather control had melted the ice caps bringing more farmland but also some areas which could not sustain farming yet were well away from Aschen interference. The gate was investigated and eventually the humans found that there were many destinations not just to Aschen and when they found a way to dial out and not interfere with the primary gate they began exploring the galaxy and found that the Aschen were a dominant species with the Goa’uld an annoying competitor, keeping their distance from both was the order of the day but slowly but surely advanced technology started to flow back to Earth. This is where Sam eventually ends up, a training camp for the resistance in the antarctic and the story takes it’s time to introduce more familiar characters as we follow her through her boot camp and this is where she develops her attraction to Jack who in a stunning coincidence is unaware this is the woman who Jacob married him off too, yes marriage for the gifted can be that cold in this world. Now Stargate Aschen is very much a novel that embraces the shipping opportunities that Stargate offered and the core relationship is between Sam and Jack although many many more are covered and while this is certainly not XXX rated it’s not for kiddies either, Kimberley treads a fine line in mature/explicit writing and for the most part lets the reader use their imagination and that ain’t difficult, I’ve always welcomed the Sam and Jack relationship but was pleased it never really went anywhere in the show proper.

I think I am going to leave it there, you’ve got the basics of the story and I think you can make an educated guess to how the plot is going to progress but you will have to read it to get the full flavour of all our favourite and not so favourite characters twisted a few degrees out of sync and there are surprises that make this an exceptional piece of Stargate storytelling and what’s more Kimberley is offering it free on the web and formatted for your ebook reader.

If you are still not convinced then seriously what have you got to lose, I had no hesitation in donating a few dollars to Kimberleys selected charity in thanks for her work on the novel it is that good and it’s a weighty tome but at no point did I consider the story slow or boring, when the characters work in a simple fan-fic or a more ambitious project or at least are close to what you expect from the canon interpretation then the pages will fly by and all the little and not so little references will have you smiling or even giggling in some cases, this is a novel for fans of Stargate, give it a go you won’t be disappointed.

Aug 242015

Tony Amendola
Tony played Master Bra’tac on 26 episodes of Stargate SG1 and has recently had recurring roles on Once Upon A Time and Continuum as well as guest spots on The Mentalist, Dexter, CSI, NCIS: LA and Intelligence. IMDB Twitter
Kwesi Ameyaw
Kwesi was Olokun in two episodes of SG1 (Last Stand & Summit) as well as playing a Tactical Sargent in the Atlantis episode Outcast. He’s also guest starred on Fringe, Smallville, Once Upon A Time, Psych and Sanctuary. IMDB Twitter
Sonja Bennett
Sonia played Dahlia Radim in the Stargate Atlantis episode Coup D’etat. She has also been in Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Cold Squad, Godiva’s, Mistresses and Preggoland. IMDB Twitter

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Aug 232015

Aaron Douglas
Aaron played Moac in the SG1 episode Maternal Instinct and a Jaffa in Redemption Part 2 but of course he is much better known for playing Chief Tyrol in Battlestar Galactica. He’s also starred in Hemlock Grove, The Killing, The Bridge, Hellcats and The Returned. IMDB Twitter Official
Allan Lee
Allan was the editor for 24 episodes of Stargate SG1 and also directed the season four episode Entity and has ran the second unit on the show. He’s also worked on Continuum, Highlander, The L Word, The 4400, Missing, Alice and edited five episodes of Olympus. IMDB Twitter

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Aug 222015

avatarThere is a tragic loss when an Atlantis team and the remaining population of a world are wiped out by an Asuran warship but hope is at hand as the Apollo and the Daedalus arrive in Pegasus newly equipped with the Asgard beam weapons in the hopes that combined with the intelligence provided from the tracking module taken from the Asuran breakaway group they can fight back. The plan is to inflict serious damage on the Asuran ships currently wiping out the human populations of planets within the galaxy and ultimately drive the Asurans back to their homeworld and once again to reach a stalemate. Rodney looks to pimp his own plan for an enhanced virus to nullify the Asurans but he is getting nowhere and so the secondary plan of brute force is given the green light and once the battle is joined the human ships rack up an impressive number of kills. Faced with defeat in large scale operations the Asurans regroup in their home system which forces the humans ships to knowingly enter into a killing zone but Rodney has finally had a breakthrough. He has created his own crippled replicator and once embedded into the replicator city it can trigger a subroutine in its coding which forces the bonds between the nanite building blocks to shrink drawing them ever closer together and to lose their ability to act, eventually they will be a mindless blob of material which can then be wiped out by a synchronised explosion of ZPM modules. To aid in this plan Todd offers support from the Wraith and Larrin brings some of her fleet into the battle, together they engage the Asuran fleet in their own system with the intent to buy time for FRAN (Rodney’s pet replicator) to do her thing. It’s all going to plan but then the power grid fails making the ZPM option moot, Sam correctly surmises that the planet being rich in neutronium (Material replicators use to build themselves) and being highly unstable it could also act as a catalyst and as the replicator blob compresses and sinks ever further into the planet a chain reaction is triggered and with moments to spare the fleet jump out as the planet is destroyed.

Sins (46)

All My Sins Remember’d was a very expensive piece of television at least in terms of the budget for the Stargate live action shows and you can see where the money was spent, credit though to the producers as while they spent a lot on visual effects they also secured the return of some of the recurring actors who only bring status to Stargate. You can not really beat Mitch or Michael in command of a F304 when going into battle this time alongside seven Hives and ships from the Traveller fleet. The pretty pictures aside we got a kick ass story following on from the mid-season finale “This Mortal Coil” and it also wrapped up the Asuran arc within the Atlantis storyline, some fans of the series would not be disappointed to see them go if I was being honest.

Ultimately this episode and it’s first part of you paired them directly together are a highlight of the season, well written with lots of action, some humour and good character pieces sprinkled in within the booms which added greatly to the overall feel good factor of the episode, a credit to everyone involved.

Many thanks to first time guest Andres who joined us on fairly short notice, it was a pleasure to have yet another new voice and nationality on the show. This weeks promo is for Tuning Into SciFi TV and next week we are going to watching episode twelve of this fourth season “Spoils of War” in which the Wraith have a surprise or two for Atlantis, Todd the scamp. We hope you can join us for that and as always we’d like to know what you think about Stargate and our show and of course a rating or review on itunes or Stitcher would be most welcome.




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Aug 222015

Michael Gordin Shore
Michael played Lt. Menard in the Stargate SG1 episode Enemy Mine, he also appeared on Postal, Psych, Blood Ties, The Dead Zone, The Will, Best Christmas Party Ever and White Chicks. He has also produced and directed shows such as Glass, Treatment and Hit ‘n Strum.  IMDB Official Twitter
Joey Aresco
Joey appeared twice on Stargate SG1, he played Slaviash in Company of Thieves and then Mr Parker on Full Alert. He has also guest starred on Dallas, MacGyver, The Flash, Just Cause, Dark Skies, Kojak, Lou Grant and Taxi. IMDB

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Aug 212015

Cathy Weseluck
Cathy played a resident in the Stargate SG1 episode The Gamekeeper but is far better known for her voice work on shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Double Dragon, RoboCop: Alpha Commando and 1001 Nights. IMDB Twitter Official Behind The Voice


Aug 202015

Colin Cunningham
Colin appeared in 15 episodes of Stargate SG1 and a single episode of Atlantis as Major Paul Davis and now stars as John pope in Falling Skies. He has also guest starred on The Collector, The Dead Zone, Psych, The 4400, Eureka and Sanctuary. IMDB Official Twitter
Jay Acovone
Jay was Major Charles Kawalsky on Stargate SG1 for five episodes, he has also been in Monk, 24, Criminal Minds and General Hospital. IMDB
Jamil Walker Smith
Jamil played Master Sgt. Ronald Greer in Stargate Universe and has also appeared in Any Given Sunday, Girlfriends, Supernatural, Bones, Blind Justice and directed The American Dream. IMDB Twitter Little Plow Behind The Voice
John Noble
John only appeared once on Stargate SG1 in the episodes Camelot playing Meurik, he starred as Dr Walter Bishop in Fringe and more recently in Sleepy Hollow as Henry Parrish and lets not forget playing his part in The Lord of the Rings franchise. IMDB

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In Memory Of…
Isaac Hayes (August 20th 1942 – 10th August 2008)
Singer, composer and Oscar winner.
Tolok on Stargate SG1 and voiced Chef on South Park.

Isaac Hayes

Aug 192015

Dennis Haysbert and Stargate franchise alum David Hewlett have boarded the cast of the Syfy drama pilot Incorporated.

Georgina Haig (Fringe and Once Upon A Time) and Julia Ormond (Mad Men and Sabrina) also star.

Source: Syfy Pilot ‘Incorporated’ Adds Dennis Haysbert, David Hewlett | TVLine

Aug 192015

Matthew Glave
Matthew played Colonel Paul Emerson commander of the “Odyssey” in six episodes of Stargate SG1, he has also guest starred on Suits, Nikita, Touch, Growing Up Fisher, Hawaii Five-0, The Wedding Singer, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Revenge. IMDB

Matthew Glave