May 222017

Skin Deep

Well here we are again, the first piece of new content for the archive site and it’s going to be a look at Once Upon A Time and more specifically a Robert Carlyle episode from the first season entitled “Skin Deep”. In this episode Rumplestiltskin meets Belle for the first time after agreeing to end her fathers war with the trolls. Meanwhile in Storybrooke Mr Gold is imposing his own business ethics on Moe (Belle’s father) after he failed to repay a loan. David and Mary Margaret continue to their dance unaware of who they once were and Emma now the sheriff investigates a robbery of Gold’s home, a very important item has been stolen.
Skin Deep is a very rewarding look into this show’s version of Beauty and the Beast, there are some wonderful moments between Rumplestiltskin and Belle never more so after the Queen’s interference which leads to some home truths being dished out to the dark one.

Skin Deep

Our thanks to No Spoilers Dearie on twitter who helped us to decide what we were going to do for a first piece of new content for this site and while it’s not a full Once Upon A Time podcast we hope this is acceptable.

Our next episode will probably be taking a look at Children Of The Gods (Final Cut), no schedule for release but it has been recorded so while we won’t be sticking to a weekly release we hope at least to maintain regular new content for the immediate future. The primary site for Gatecast will now be switching to Stargate Archives, new content will be posted there first and the site has it’s own own itunes entry if you care to subscribe. A few days after posting new content on that site it will be mirrored here until this site is permanently closed when the hosting runs out, we won’t be paying to keep two sites running and after this one was hacked the broken links are too much trouble to fix 🙂

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Apr 142012

The very unique talent that is Robert Carlyle and yes one of the most unexpected stars of the Stargate franchise celebrates his birth today (April 14th).
He played Dr Nicholas Rush on Stargate Universe and if we can be grateful for anything from that shows failure to thrive on Syfy it’s Robert’s performance as Mr Gold/Rumplestiltskin in ABC’s Once Upon A Time. 

Nov 142010

Congratulations to Robert Carlyle for winning the Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for his work in the first season episode “Human”.

Alas despite SGU having another 8 nominations for both behind and infront of the camera work Robert was the only winner but he certainly deserves it having made the decision to move from theatrical to tv with a role that suited his style to perfection.