Apr 222017

Stargate Universe Wrap Up Show

Welcome to the roundtable discussion of the two seasons of Stargate Universe in this wrap up show. Joining Mike and Alan are Thomas, Ian and Steve along with additional material from the co-founder of the podcast, Scott. On the show we discuss Stargate Universe in general and answer a few more specific questions in we hope an entertaining fashion. We also have the results of the favourite episode listener poll which we ran for a week and while we didn’t get the number of votes when compared to our other polls (which ran for around a month) we got enough to give us an idea of how the show fared.

Stargate Universe

SGU Poll Results…

  1. Gauntlet
  2. Twin Destinies & Air (1,2 & 3)

Stargate Universe

We would like to thank everyone that has contributed to the Gatecast podcast for these past few years but there have been so many so for now we want to have a special mention for the three guys who joined us over skype to wrap our coverage of Stargate Universe and also to Brad for the feedback over the years and dedication in getting up so early so often to talk with us, alas scheduling prevented him from joining in directly. We also want to thank Holly for the feedback over on our Facebook group and to Dan for the email along with our continued thanks to every follower on our social media, you’ve all made this journey worthwhile.

In particular those that have joined us on the show to talk Stargate are going to get named (but not shamed) and while I am pretty sure this is a complete list if I have forgotten anyone make sure I know so I can correct any mistake, I would hate to have missed a guest while scanning through 350 episodes.


  • Kristina
  • Stephen
  • Steve
  • Adam
  • Brad
  • Thomas
  • Adriana
  • Misa
  • Scott
  • Dan
  • Ian
  • Jacob
  • Tim
  • Daniel
  • David
  • Miles
  • Andrew
  • Michael
  • Jeff
  • Matthew
  • Shayne
  • Phil
  • Dave


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Jun 182016


Darkness is the fourth episode of Stargate Universe and after the crew solved the problem with the air filtration you would think there would be some respite but it was not to be. Rush is monitoring the power levels and becomes rather irate as technology is activated by order of Young and then as if an off switch is flicked the ship loses power and falls out of FTL. Basic life support is still functioning but it doesn’t look good especially as Rush finally has an emotional break and collapses. Young uses the communication stones to report back and while he is on Earth goes to visit his wife and as she says it seems he is making sure he gets to say goodbye. I guess I don’t blame Young but with so many people on Destiny and the growing issues with transparency between the command staff and highly placed civilians many would have liked the opportunity to speak with their loved ones.

Darkness (17)

The crew however continue to record bits and pieces using the Kino and in terms of the show this idea allows the viewers to get a peak into the inner thoughts of the crew which is essential to each episode. Stargate Universe is character driven but there are times one one one chat providing exposition can get a little clunky especially if you have a large main cast and a significant number of recurring characters. In this episode we got some really good background on Volker, Riley, Brody and Dr Park was magnificent as she seems to be really embarrassing the opportunities Destiny is providing regardless of the sword hanging above their heads. As it turns out Destiny had dropped out of FTL at the edges of a star system and uses a gas giant to aero break into the inner system, this whole sequence is magnificent and is as good as anything you’ve seen on television and equals theatrical features. As the crew take a deep breath the calculations and visual indications show that the ship is now aimed directly at the systems sun and there is nothing they can do…

Darkness was a great episode, the suspense and tension on the ship as she loses power and Rush breaks down was of the highest order, the episode did take a breather with Young back on Earth and of course Telford playing his games but I guess that is a longer term payoff. The use of Lt James as the focus of some immature and very questionable behavior by Hunter and Eli kinda clashed with how she had manipulated Eli earlier but as with Chloe in the “shower” they chose not to be graphic which they could have done and gotten away with up to a point. The visual effects of Destiny before, during and after her visit to this star system was exceptional, all credit to the artists for rendering some truly spectacular visuals to accompany the performance of the cast and situation. Darkness continues the great work being done early in this first season and once again makes me realise how much better this show is on a rewatch.

This weeks podcast promo is for Flash Pulp and our great thanks to Thomas for joining us this week on the show, he’ll return next week for the second part of the this two part story entitled “Light”. Feedback and other support via social media is most appreciated and welcomed with open arms, we really do like to find out what you think about the show and Stargate as a whole, like the crew of the Destiny we are all in this together.



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Jun 072010

The first of two part finale as we see the resolution to the interrogation of Telford and Rush preparing the LA gate for connecting to the Destiny. Once again we see how the inclusion of familiar faces from SG1 really adds to the atmosphere of the story and come on seeing Sam and her 303 gearing up for combat brings back all those good memories.

The LA board Destiny thanks to Rush but out of character (or was it) Young refuses to kill them all by venting the atmosphere as Telford was with him, it would be nice to think Young is mellowing but perhaps too early for that. It’s great to Rhona Mitra (Kiva)  kick ass (come on we all fell for her as Lara Croft) and the mystery walk about by Eli and Chloe plus the spooky flesh burning radiance are really building up the expectations for the finale.

Of course the big question is why do the LA want the Destiny, it’s slower than their existing fleets, it’s weaponry is inferior so what do they know we don’t..

Key Points…

  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • The Unknown
Apr 112010

Ramifications from the fall out between Rush and Young continue as the chasm between the military and civilian personal gets wider. The aliens it seems have ways of tracking the Destiny which again gives us a clearer understanding of how manipulative Rush can be.

Key Points…

  • Tracking Destiny
  • Manipulation
  • Betrayal