Jun 072010

The first of two part finale as we see the resolution to the interrogation of Telford and Rush preparing the LA gate for connecting to the Destiny. Once again we see how the inclusion of familiar faces from SG1 really adds to the atmosphere of the story and come on seeing Sam and her 303 gearing up for combat brings back all those good memories.

The LA board Destiny thanks to Rush but out of character (or was it) Young refuses to kill them all by venting the atmosphere as Telford was with him, it would be nice to think Young is mellowing but perhaps too early for that. It’s great to Rhona Mitra (Kiva)  kick ass (come on we all fell for her as Lara Croft) and the mystery walk about by Eli and Chloe plus the spooky flesh burning radiance are really building up the expectations for the finale.

Of course the big question is why do the LA want the Destiny, it’s slower than their existing fleets, it’s weaponry is inferior so what do they know we don’t..

Key Points…

  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • The Unknown