Apr 132017

Erick Avari
Erick appeared on both the original Stargate theatrical movie and on three episodes of SG1 as Kasuf (Absolute Power, Forever in a Day and Secrets).  He has also guest starred on Heroes, Enterprise, The X-Files, Castle, Babylon 5, Warehouse 13, Grimm and TNG. IMDB Twitter Official

Michael Cassutt
Michael wrote the Stargate SG1 episode Tangent and has also written for Andromeda, Seven Days, Z-Nation, Odyssey 5 and The Dead Zone. He is also a producer and published author.
IMDB Twitter

Apr 122017

Tom O’Brien
Tom guest starred as Brian Volger in the Stargate SG1 episode Covenant and has guest starred on Smallville, Supernatural, The Dead Zone and Timecop the series. IMDB
Ashley O’Connell
Ashley played the Fruit Stand Owner in the Stargate Atlantis episode Irresponsible & appeared in the movie Watchmen, Legends of Tomorrow, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency but spends more time on the stage than on television. IMDB
Cameron K. Smith
Cameron played the Jaffa warrior Re’Lo in the Stargate SG1 episode The Changling and has also appeared on Supernatural, Fringe, Smallville, Taken and Alcatraz. IMDB
Melanie Cassidy
Melanie was the Art Director for forty episodes of Stargate Atlantis as well as assistant art director on thirteen episodes of SG1. She has also worked on Elysium, Watchmen and X-Men: The Last Stand. IMDB

Apr 112017

Douglas H. Arthurs
Douglas appeared in four episodes of Stargate SG1, three as the system lord Heru’ur (The Serpent’s Venom, Secrets, Thor’s Chariot) and one as Kah’l (The Serpent’s Lair). He has also been in The X-Files, Harsh Realm, Smallville, Masters of Horror, Arrow and Kingdom Hospital. IMDB
Matthew Walker
Matthew played both Roham & Merlin in five Stargate SG1 episodes and The Ark Of Truth as well as Moros in the Stargate Atlantis episode Before I Sleep. He’s also guest starred on Blood Ties, Smallville, Cold Squad, Mr Young, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Sanctuary. IMDB

Crystal Mudry
Crystal was an uncredited stunt performer on the Stargate Universe episode “Blockade”. She has also worked on Arrow, Timeless, Motive, Power Rangers, The Flash, Supergirl, Lucifer and Supernatural. IMDB

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Apr 092017

It’s been gratifying to follow the career of James from his time on SG1 and through the franchise and ever onwards with The CW and in particular Arrow.


Source: James Bamford Moves to Producer/Director Role in Season 6 of Arrow – BAMBAM FANS

Apr 092017

Matthew Bennett
Matthew played Jared Kane in two episodes of Stargate SG1 ( Ethon and Icon ) and also Ted in the episode Point of No Return. He was also a recurring character on Battlestar Galactica playing Aaron Doral and has starred in Cold Squad, Orphan Black, Murdoch Mysterie, Taken and Peacemakers. IMDB Twitter

Kathleen Munroe
Kathleen was Amanda Perry in four episodes of Stargate Universe as well as playing Audrey Parker in Haven and then appearing in Alphas, CSI NY, Supernatural, Motive and Resurrection. IMDB Twitter

Jill Teed
Jill guest starred twice on Stargate SG1 in the 100th and 200th episodes playing Yolanda Reese aka Stacey Monroe. She’s also appeared on Battlestar Galactica, Falcon Beach, Reaper, Continuum, Arctic Air, Operation Christmas , Arrow, Godzilla and Signed, Sealed, Delivered. IMDB Twitter
Ryan Jefferson Booth
Ryan played Corporal Marsden in six episodes of Stargate Universe, a Jaffa on the SG1 episode Endgame and Lt. Negley in the Atlantis episode Vengeance. He has also appeared on Fringe, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Once Upon A Time, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The 4400 and is a Personal Trainer in Vancouver. IMDB Twitter

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Apr 082017


The Drones continue to harass the Destiny but change tactics and send the command ships to local star systems to blockade the very source of energy that Destiny requires to function. As we have seen the Destiny is capable of holding her own against a single command ship and drones but each time she loses a little ground and even after a successful refueling an out of the box solution is required. Eli proposes to use a star that is way outside of the specifications and thus unlikely to be guarded, the risk is that the shields would be unable to protect the ship and crew. The decision is made to gate all but two of the crew to a nearby planet as Rush and Eli fly the ship through the star, Dr Park also asks to stay to continue the harvesting of medicinals as the radiation and heat will destroy them.


On the planet the crew find a dead civilisation no doubt sprung from the seed of Novus at some point in the past, evidence indicates that the drones were responsible but while they are there teams fan out to see if anything useful could be uncovered. Alas dormant drones detect the gate use and radio chatter and pin down the teams in the city, a firefight ensues and eventually they have no option but to gate back to Destiny with the hope she has successfully navigated the star. They are fortunate, the ship survived by Park had been trapped in the biodome which failed, she survived but suffered extensive eye damage and they know the drones will not be so easy to trick a second time.

Blockade is a perfect episode to bridge the recent drone episodes, once again it underlines how powerful they are in this part of the galaxy and that they are not simply reacting to an enemy presence rather they have a central intelligence directing them tactically. Removing the Destiny from her normal source of power demonstrates both the size of the done fleet but their big picture thinking. The crew got lucky by gating to a viable world but Destiny is not up to repeating this close call with a blue giant O-type star which begs the question what now…

My gratitude to Steve and Ian for joining me this week as Alan had family concerns to deal with, we had a great conversation. This weeks podcast promo is for The Round Table Podcast a call back to when Dave joined us way back when and next week it’s the finale of Universe and Thomas joins us to discuss Gauntlet. Any final thought on Stargate Universe would be most welcome, still time to add them to next weeks show or even the wrap up show so don’t be shy.



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Apr 082017

JR Bourne
JR Bourne played the Tok’ra Martouf / Lantash on seven episodes of Stargate SG1, he also starred in Revenge, Fringe, Arrow, The Secret Circle and is Mr Argent on Teen Wolf. He is also starring in the upcoming series Somewhere Between. IMDB Twitter

Tom J. Astle
Tom wrote the Stargate SG1 episode Cor-ai and is the creator of the tv show So Weird. He also wrote Failure to Launch, penned episodes of Clueless and The Tracy Morgan Show and Get Smart. IMDB
Duane Dickinson
Duane was a Stunt Performer on Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe and has an extensive resume which includes working on Battlestar Galactica, Arrow, The Flash, Smallville and Hell on Wheels. He has also done some acting on shows such as Travelers, Ties That Bind and Dark Angel. IMDB

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Apr 072017

Ellie Harvie
Ellie played Dr. Lindsey Novak in three episodes of Stargate (Prometheus Unbound on SG1 and on Atlantis Critical Mass and The Siege P3). She has also been on The Dead Zone, Terminal City, The Collector, Some Assembly Required , Eureka, Fools For Hire, Supernatural and Dead Over Heels: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery. IMDB Twitter

Check out “Scattered” the short film directed by Ellie.

Jennifer Page
Jennifer was part of the team that cast both Stargate Atlantis and Universe, she has also worked on Once Upon A Time, X Company, Gracepoint, Bates Motel, Deadpool, Star Trek Beyond, Intruders and Lucifer. IMDB Twitter
Kathleen Duborg
Kathleen appeared on the Stargate SG1 episode as Neith, she has also been on The 4400, The Killing, The Whispers, Intruders, Travelers, Rogue and The Magicians. IMDB
John Stewart
John was a villager on the Stargate Atlantis episode Sateda. He has also appeared on Noah, Psych, 2012, Taken, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, Fear the Walking Dead and Lucifer. IMDB
Eric Norlin
Eric was the Art Director on 19 episodes of Stargate Atlantis as well as working on Psych, Elektra, Strange World, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Da Vinci’s Inquest in that role or as Production Designer. IMDB

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Apr 062017

Michael Rooker
Michael played Colonel Edwards in the Stargate SG1 episode Enemy Mine and more recently starred as Merle in The Walking Dead quickly becoming a fan favourite.He has also guest starred on Archer, Psych, Burn Notice, Chuck, Thief, Cliffhanger, Jeremiah, Slither and Guardians of the Galaxy. IMDB Twitter Official

Deborah Theaker
Deborah appeared once on Stargate SG1 in the episode Citizen Joe playing Charlene Spencer and has also appeared in Joey, Reno 911!, The Burbs, Maniac Mansion, ALF, Bones, Benched and Entourage. IMDB
Kathleen Barr
Kathleen voiced Draga in Stargate Infinity and has a huge resume of voice work dating back to 1979. She has worked on Galaxy Express 999, Spider-Man Unlimited, Tarzan and Jane and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. IMDB Behind The Voice

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Apr 052017

Mitch Pileggi
Mitch played Colonel Caldwell on twenty two episodes of Stargate Atlantis and Walter Skinner on The X-Files and it’s been announced he will be returning to the X-Files. He’s also guest starred on both versions of Dallas and been in Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, Blue Bloods, Medium, Grey’s Anatomy and will be in the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight.
IMDB Twitter

Crystal Dalman
Crystal is an actress and stunt performer who worked uncredited on the Stargate Atlantis premiere “Rising”. She has also worked on Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, The Core, Smallville, Once Upon A Time, The 100 and iZombie. IMDB Twitter
Greg Anderson
Greg played an Ori and Prior in six episodes of Stargate SG1 as well as the tv movie The Ark of Truth, he’s also been in The 4400, Traffic and House Of Lies. IMDB Behind The Voice
Tom MacNeill
Tom played a wounded man in the Stargate Universe episode Alliances and has appeared on Fringe, Arrow, Almost Human, The Tomorrow People, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Timeless and V. He’s also worked on a number of projects behind the scenes mainly in and around camera operation and cinematography. IMDB

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Apr 042017

Brian J Smith

Get recommendations on the best London attractions, venues and events, and organise your trip with our handy cultural planner

Source: ‘Being haunted by the past is something I’m creatively turned on by’ – An Interview with Brian J Smith — LondonCalling.com

Apr 042017

Enrico Colantoni & Amanda Tapping

Enrico Colantoni joins Eric McCormack after the time-trekking drama’s renewal.

Source: Netflix’s ‘Travelers’ Adds to Season-Two Cast | Hollywood Reporter

Apr 042017

Brad Kelly
Brad is an actor and stunt performer and made his appearance on Stargate in the SG1 episodes (Affinity, Heroes: Part 2 and The Fifth Man) as a Jaffa and “thug”. He has also been on Arrow, Falling Skies, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, The 100, Man Of Steel and Frequency. Brad has also done stunt work on Wynonna Earp, Watchmen, Stargate Continuum and Fantastic 4:Rise Of The Silver Surfer. IMDB

Apr 032017

Robin Mossley
Robin has been in two episodes of Stargate SG1 first as Malikai in Window of Opportunity and then as Dr. Reimer in the episode Morpheus. He has also guest starred on Andromeda,
Reaper, About A Girl, Psych, Hope Island and Sanctuary. IMDB
Lawrence Dane
Lawrence appeared just the once on Stargate SG1 as Major General Bauer in the episode Chain Reaction. He has also appeared on Sofia, Absolution, Queer As Folk, Undercover Grandpa, The Hunger, Flashpoint, Airwolf and Street Legal. IMDB
Martin Blaiz
Martin played a NID guard on the Stargate SG1 episode 48 Hours and also appeared on Seven Days, First Wave, The Outer Limits and Touched by a Killer. IMDB
Catherine Lough Haggquist
Catherine played Mary on the Stargate Universe episode Sabotage and also a Tech Sergeant on the Stargate SG1 episode Prometheus. She has also been on Rockpoint PD, Traffic, TRON Legacy, The 100, Continuum, Godzilla and Van Helsing. IMDB Twitter

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Apr 022017

Jaime Ray Newman
Jaime played Lt. Laura Cadman in two episodes of Stargate Atlantis ( Duet and Critical Mass ) and has also guest starred on Eureka, Grimm, Veronica Mars, Bosch, NCIS and starred on Eastwick, Drop Dead Diva, Bates Motel, Wicked City, Red Widow and in the upcoming Punisher. IMDB Twitter

Bob Frazer
Bob appeared just the once on Stargate SG1 playing an Airman in the episode Hathor. He has also been on Cold Squad, The X-Files, First Wave, Motive, Continuum, Falling Skies, Shut Eye, Demon X and Supernatural. IMDB Twitter