Apr 182017

David Hewlett
David first appeared on Stargate SG1 as the annoying Rodney McKay and went on guest star on seven episodes before starring in Stargate Atlantis and then making one guest appearance on Universe in the episode Seizure.  He has also written and directed his own work including the excellent A Dog’s Breakfast and Debug, his other work includes the original Cube, State Of Syn, Rage of the Yeti, Rise, Traders, Murdoch Mysteries, Dark Matter and Urban Legends. IMDB Twitter Youtube

Laura Mennell
Laura appeared twice on Stargate in the Atlantis episode The Brotherhood playing Sanir and the SG1 episode Demons as Mary. She also starred as Nina Theroux in Alphas and has guest starred on Smallville, Supernatural, Fringe and had recurring roles on Motive as Samantha Turner, Haven as Dr. Charlotte Cross and Rebecca on Van Helsing. IMDB Twitter Official

Keith R.A. DeCandido
Keith wrote the short story Time Keeps on Slippin’ which was included in the Far Horizons Stargate anthology and the SG1 novel Kali’s Wrath. He has also written a number of Star Trek novels and has a collection of Precinct novels, comic books and novelisations. IMDB Twitter
John Prosky
John played Malchus on the Stargate SG1 episode Red Sky and also guest starred on JAG, Southside, Voyager, The West Wing, True Blood, DS9, ER, Major Crimes and Medium. IMDB
Diana Botsford
Diana is an author with two Stargate novels in her lineup as well as a short story in the Far Horizons anthology (The Drift, Four Dragons and Perceptions). She also created the story for the Star Trek TNG episode Rascals as well as independent productions Epilogue and Spiral Zone. Official Twitter
Justin Doran
Justin was a stunt performer on the Stargate Atlantis episode Phantoms and has also worked on 2012, The Revenant, Arrow, Wynonna Earp, Fringe and Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief. IMDB

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Jan 092017

Patrick Sabongui
Patrick played Kanaan in four episodes of Stargate Atlantis and a guard in a fifth (Phantoms). He has also appeared on Arrow, Arctic Air, Fringe, Nikita, The Flash, Tron Legacy, Warcraft, Homeland and the upcoming Beyond and Power Rangers.  IMDB Twitter
Kirsten Robek
Kirsten played Lieutenant Astor on the Stargate SG1 episode Divide and Conquer, she’s also been om Special Unit 2, Sanctuary, Hell On Wheels, The Whispers, Supernatural, The Magicians and Frequency. IMDB
Justin Kohse
Justin was a playback and graphic Artist on Stargate Universe as well as working on content for Arrow, Dark Matter, Once Upon A Time, Super Girl, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. IMDB Twitter Official

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