Aug 212010

 While searching for a crashed UAV the guys are captured by an a bounty hunter who intends to trade them to a system lord or use them to capture a more valuable prize whose identity causes more complications.
The episode features Sam Jones who is perhaps most well known for playing Flash Gordon in the movie a couple of decades ago and he plays the bounty hunter Aris Boch to perfection.¬† We are also introduced to our first look at the Tel’tak cargo vessel which features strongly as the workhorse of the Goauld and independent fleets and we meet a new Tokra by the name of Korra played by Mark Holden.

Sokar is once again an element of the story which fuels his role as this season big bad.
This was a decent episode, a good character played well by Sam was the key and it was clear that SG1 has been very lucky in the past, a dedicated professional took them out easily while the more emotional and head strong system lords and followers continually fail.


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