Oct 012011

  Trapped in the rubble of the Tokra base the last few survivors flee the invading army intent on denying them access to the chemical/biological weapon which could cause the downfall of the Jaffa armies the System Lords rely on. Meanwhile Daniel continues his undercover role within the System Lord Summit but he’s getting careless and surrounded by enemies one mistake could be his last. Last Stand is the conclusion to the double header which deals with the fate of the Tok’ra or at least the majority of them and there ability to be a significant threat to the Goa’uld who themselves may not realise the mistake they are making be not banding together to resist the return of one their number.

Business first

Daniel is playing a very dangerous game by delaying the release of the poison but he always had a soft spot for women and especially those he had or does care for so can’t really kill Osiris without the option of first releasing Sarah from it’s grasp. It doesn’t help that in Danny mode he talks too much raising the suspicions of another Lo’taur who in a quite independent act goes to Yu can informs him of his concerns. Of course it all falls apart but this is plotonium as it drives Daniel and Jacob towards Revanna in an effort to help SG1 and the Tok’ra. SG1 along with Elliot are escaping the Jaffa and heading towards a communications device and fortunately evade capture and eventually meet up with the returning Daniel and together trapped with no help for escape Elliot offers up a solution.

Might have said the wrong thing!

Last Stand is an excellent episode, Michael Shanks and Anna-Louise Plowman get to show their chemistry together and it’s this story which does kinda dominate the episode although the remaining SG1 with Elliot plays well with some angst and a logical and fitting act by Elliot. Some interesting choices made in what not to show and you can really see where all the money was spent and being Rob C Cooper has it’s uses when pushing through your own vision of a sequence:)

Bandits on your Six



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