May 252012

A very happy birthday on this day (26th May) to South African born Musetta Vander who appeared in two episodes of Stargate SG1 the first as Shan’auc the Jaffa priestess in Crossroads and then as her alternate safe Shauna in The Changling. A beautiful woman who alas we did not see enough of but given she died in the first episode and a delusion in the second well what can you do:)

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Jan 292011

A blast from Tealcs past arrives at the SGC and once again it’s amazing what the dude hasn’t told anyone like he was involved with a serious hotty before she entered the priesthood and probably broke his poor Jaffa heart. Shanauc claims she has been in communication with her symbiote and convinced it that the Goauld are evil and the right thing to do is join the Tokra and provide all the upto date tactical information it’s genetic memory holds. There is obviously some question over the neatly wrapped “gift” but the Tokra are convinced and take her to their current home world and arrange for a willing human host.

Deep Waters etc

Crossroads sees the return of Vanessa Angel as well as Musetta Vander as Shan’auc and Peter Wingfield as Tanith.