Dec 192013

David DeLuise stars in the latest Asylum movie ” Alone For Christmas ” aka Bone Alone but this time it’s not a creature feature or disaster flick but a family christmas movie full of hapless humans and talking dogs:) The movie was released Oct 15th 2013 in the US.

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Aug 242013

Now some of you may know I am a fan of the “b” movie genre especially the creature features from one or two particular studios who have perfected the art of producing movies with modest budgets yet can be very entertaining if you understanding why they exist:)

I watched Age of Dinosaurs a couple of days ago which is a creature feature with very strong vibes of Jurassic Park in that a very wealthy individual backs some science guys who perfect a method to re-introducing dinosaurs into the modern world which as you no doubt already suspect blows up in their faces.

The plus point for this movie was the starring roll for our own Ronny Cox as Justin the man behind the dream of dinosaurs and truth be told the technology his company pioneered had many practical and beneficial users. Alas creating dinosaurs and then having a grand opening in his corporate HQ in LA was not a great idea cue rampant carnage and humans running around like mindless chickens with a father and daughter learning a life lesson so always a silver lining.

What is it about the finger?

What is it about the finger?

Still bullying the ladies..

Still bullying the ladies..

No pets at work!

No pets at work!

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Nov 102012

 Thor returns to Earth and picks up the frozen Jack and the cool Tealc and heads to the new Asgard homeworld in the hopes that the Ancient knowledge held in Jacks head will help devise a defence once and for all. Meanwhile Fifth is playing mind games with Sam both to punish her betrayal but also venting his own immature rage against the one that spurned him. A showdown is imminent and armed with technology created by Jack who once revived has no real idea what it is or how it works the defence of the Asgard begins even if it means sacrificing Sam.

New Order Part 2 was aired as a separate episode in the UK but was part of the feature presentation of the season opener in the states. We have three stories ongoing all of which get a decent amount of screen time both to develop and for the characters to play their part, the Asgard find a solution to their long term problem with the replicators, Sam is saved although released is perhaps a more accurate term and the system lords and by extension Ba’al are put aside for another day. The request for asylum by Camulus comes out of the blue and of course Goa’uld rarely do anything that doesn’t serve a purpose, we’ll find out that purpose in due time.

It’s like looking in a mirror

New Order Part 2 is a very satisfying conclusion to the season premiere, we get solutions to the problems which make some sense while setting up potential problems in the future. The changes in the SGC and SG1 are significant but again they make a lot of sense especially given RDA’s limited time on set during the last season and saving the planet is a young persons game:)

The SG spin off – Pete & Sam by a Farm

Thanks for the continued support of the podcast especially via twitter and facebook, always good to see the discussions going on in those arenas but we would love here from you directly via email especially a voice recording. Lets hope as we embrace all that is Atlantis in next weeks episode it’ll encourage more interaction and speaking of which we’re just about to wrap up the itunes promotion so get those reviews in and the draw for the Ronon signed figure will be done maybe next week. This weeks promo is from Trek News & Views a Star Trek podcast, well worth listening to if you have any interest in the excellent scifi franchise.




Oct 182012

Yes The Asylum have once again slapped the cash into a much smaller production of an upcoming major theatrical release and for us the big draw is a role for our very own Christopher Judge.

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