Dec 242013

Christmas2013Words and even pictures can not express how pleasing it’s been to do the show and interact with other fans of Stargate and scifi in general. We hope you all have a wonderful christmas and new year and if you don’t celebrate these holidays then accept our thanks and best wishes in the spirit of our Stargate family.

Dec 192013

David DeLuise stars in the latest Asylum movie ” Alone For Christmas ” aka Bone Alone but this time it’s not a creature feature or disaster flick but a family christmas movie full of hapless humans and talking dogs:) The movie was released Oct 15th 2013 in the US.

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Dec 192012

Stargate Christmas

A huge thank you to everyone who has listened, contributed and supported us through a slightly more difficult 2012 than we expected. We’ve lost quite a few listeners this year the majority I believe thanks to our RSS issues which I know from first hand experience can easily be neglected and then ignored in the belief a cast has died. That aside and with a more positive spin we’ve had a number of co-hosts this year and they have all been fantastic and that’ll be something we will be hoping for more of in 2013.  The folks in the UK make scheduling a recording session fairly easy but we certainly want to embrace our overseas audience given that the US specifically accounts for the majority of downloads from 82 separate countries so we’ll be flexible given enough time for everyone to arrange a suitable time frame.
We’ve had excellent support over on twitter, our followers have steadily grown and retweets etc have been center stage in getting word out about our show on that platform. Facebook has also been busy, we have a solid bunch of members on the group but Google+ has lagged behind, more followers but less interaction on the portal.

Anyhow it’s that time of year again so seasons greetings and for those like us who celebrate a very a happy Christmas and for everyone an excellent new year.

Mike & Alan

Dec 192012

Thor the wise and magnificent.

Many thanks to the Save Future Stargate Travel facebook group for posting the picture.