Dec 242013

Christmas2013Words and even pictures can not express how pleasing it’s been to do the show and interact with other fans of Stargate and scifi in general. We hope you all have a wonderful christmas and new year and if you don’t celebrate these holidays then accept our thanks and best wishes in the spirit of our Stargate family.

Aug 072013

You may be asking yourself why Enders Game is being featured on the site but the answer is fairly simple in that it’s director  Gavin Hood  played Colonel Alexi Vaselov in the Stargate SG1 episode Lockdown. He also directed X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Tsotsi. The movie is due for a UK release in October.

The movie is based on the novel by Orson Scott Card and I’m ashamed to say that my scifi cred takes a hit as I have yet to read the book.

Jul 152013

So around 92 seconds into the video you may notice a familiar face in this LFCC 2013 compilation:)

Thanks to Michael Clark for tweeting the link.

Jun 092013

Many congratulations to Michael Shanks for winning the 2013 Leo Award for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for Saving Hope. Also congratulations to Agam Darshi for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture (Crimes of Mike Recket), Ian Tracey Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Television Movie (Ring Of Fire) and Gerard Plunkett Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture (Camera Shy). A good day for performers who have previously starred and guest starred within the Stargate franchise.

2013 Leo Award Winners

May 132013

Many congratulations to the following people who have been nominated in the 2013 Leo Awards. If they look familiar then that’s because they have at some point been associated with one or more of the live action Stargate shows in front of and behind the camera.
For a full list and category visit the official website.

  • Agam Darshi
  • Sonja Bennett
  • James Bamford
  • Ian Tracy
  • Aleks Paunovic
  • Mike Dopud
  • Brian Markinson
  • Dan Payne
  • Ben Cotton
  • Michael Eklund
  • William Waring
  • David Winning
  • Steven A. Adelson
  • Jesse Moss
  • Ryan Robbins
  • Lexa Doig
  • Michael Kopsa
  • Chelas Horsdal
  • Jennifer Spence
  • Kevin McNulty
  • Michael Shanks
  • Niall Matter
  • Pascale Hutton
  • I may have missed one or two:)