Dec 102011

  A Goauld Hatak appears in the solar system but makes no move to attack the Earth. Jacob along with SG1 and Major Davis investigate and find the ship deserted with no signs of battle damage except for one sealed doorway. Whilst exploring they come across a nasty surprise and then everything falls apart and they end up on the ocean floor slowly but surely flooding and the clock is ticking as the ship is set to self destruct. So much for Jack slapping a US flag on the hull and flying it to Area 51.

Death from above.

Descent continues a number of plot points from the season opener in terms of Anubis and Thor it also builds upon the baby steps Jonas is having to take to be accepted as part of SG1 mainly it has to be said from Jack. As we’ve seen already the production side of the show continues to set an amazing standard with some excellent CGI and real water/submersion tank work with the actors. This also adds to the feel and texture of the episode and worth every penny it cost especially when you watch some of the behind the scenes coverage of the shooting of the water scenes.

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