Dec 042010

SG1 are on vacation but before Jack can go fishing he his transported away into orbit by Thor who has a rather pressing problem on board his flagship and if it’s not solved then the Earth itself could be in peril. Hammond doesn’t listen and sends Tealc and Sam (Daniel was recovering from surgery) upto the ship with a plan to save the day but the results open up a whole new can of worms on Earth.

Nemesis was an excellent season finale, yes it’s cliffhanger time but it’s a cracker with the fate of SG1, Thor and even the Earth in the balance. The episode features some very good special effects and CGI work as well good puppeteering for Thor when he is required to be there rather than as CGI. The introduction of Russian involvement or more to the point not being able to pull the wool over everyones eyes has ramifications further into the series.