Oct 262014

The Canadian scifi comedy Space MilkShake has finally been made available to the public after doing the festival circuit as an $8 digital download, hopefully a DVD and/or Blu-ray will turn up with lots of extras such as a commentary track. The movie is set onboard a space station which is responsible for maintaining their area of space and removing any debris that can impede space flight so glorified garbage men in space, it stars Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Kristin Kreuk and Billy Boyd.


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Oct 022013

The 2nd of October is the anniversary of the US premiere of Stargate Universe which made it’s debut on the Syfy channel back in 2009 with “Air” parts 1 and 2. A change of pace and direction for the franchise but retaining it’s well established high production values and excellent casting choices with established actors, fresh faces and one or two more familiar from roles on SG1 or SGA.

RDA and Robert Carlyle

RDA and Robert Carlyle

As we know the series failed to retain enough of the existing fanbase and generate a whole new group of fans to survive more than two seasons, there are many reasons for it’s failure but for me the show after a stumbling start really came into it’s own in the second half of the first season and with stronger stories and more humour in the second season really gained the right to be considered along SG1 and SGA as part of the family something Infinity failed to do.

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Mar 172013

Crimson Force is another science fiction movie from Syfy UK which has been sitting on my DVR for quite a while, I watched it this morning and not only do we have Steven Williams (General Vidrine  SG1) but Tony Amendola himself wearing more gunk than he ever did as Bra’tac.




Jan 122013

Strange Frame is scifi animated feature with the voice talents of our own Claudia Black as well as Tim Curry, George Takei, Ron Glass and a lot more familiar names from the scifi world. The story is set in the 28th century on Ganymede with the Earth long abandoned and tells the story of a relationship between two musicians who strive for freedom in this new human society far from the planet of it’s birth.

The movie is released in the US on March 19th priced on Amazon at $19.99


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