Apr 262015

I’ll admit I got a little buzz when a credit for Danielle Nicolet appeared during the opening of the latest episode of The Flash “Who Is Harrison Wells?” after all I’ve been a fan long before I even really knew her name after her guest spots on Third Rock from the Sun but then put the name to the face when she played Reese in the excellent SG1 episode Menace. Danielle is playing the DA for Central City so touchwood the character could become at least a semi-regular given that the story is opening up on the acceptance of meta humans amongst the public and law enforcement.

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Apr 222015

Yes another week and another new episode from the third season of Motive which presented us with guest starring roles for two former actors from Stargate in the episode Pilot Error. We’ll begin with Jody Thompson who played the pilot Bridget Vinton who appeared just the once on Stargate SG1 in the episode Bounty and again on Atlantis in the episode Vegas. Sonja Bennett played Chelsea Richmond in Pilot Error and we last saw her on Stargate Atlantis as Dahlia Radim.

Pilot Error was a good episode, a few twists from the main story and some underlying menace from the arc with ongoing flirtation between Oscar and Betty and the question mark over Oscar and his condition.

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Apr 132015

Another good episode of Motive the other night season 3’s “Fallen” with both the primary story and the season arc equally entertaining and we had two faces from Stargate days as guest stars, there was Simon Longmore who was playing the trucker Roy Biggs and then Patrick Sabongui who played Lance.


Mar 312015

Michael Welch who played a young Jack O’Neill in the Stargate SG1 episode Fragile Balance made a guest appearance on “The List” the latest episode of NCIS New Orleans playing Kevin Heller whose life is threatened by an unknown gunman whose motive seems all to clear. Michael has recently appeared on Bones, Grimm, Scandal and Criminal Minds and starred on Z Nation.

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Mar 302015

Well where do I start with the latest episode of the Canadian crime drama Motive?

In the latest episode The Glass House (S3E4) we have a couple of guest stars who have also appeared on Stargate and not forgetting the recurring character of Superintendent Boyd Bloom playing by Roger Cross and the series co-star Louis Ferreira as Detective Oscar Vega. In the latest episode we get to see Jodelle Ferland (SG1 & SGA) playing the sixteen year old Sophie Glass and Jennifer Spence (SGU) as her neighbour Melissa Dixon and for trivia John Cassini who played Peter has a brother who has guest starred on SG1, small world. This was an interesting episode which led you down a disturbing path but wasn’t all it appeared to be, a good episode with a satisfying conclusion and didn’t see until well into the story.

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Mar 222015

Finally Supernatural returned to the small screen with the episode “The Things They Carried” and it featured former Stargate actors Richard de Klerk and Michelle Morgan. Richard played Kit Verson and Michelle played his wife Jemma Verson in a story dealing with US military personnel returning from a mission overseas and bringing back an unexpected traveller. 

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Mar 012015

The NBC sister shows Chicago Fire and PD are a guilty pleasure of mine, they both stray a little too much into melodrama but at times can be as hard hitting as any show in the genre. In the recent crossover episodes Three Bells and A Little Devil Complex we got an excellent guest role of Robert Knepper playing Adrian Gish a suspect in a string of arsons going back years and as always he never disappoints.

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Feb 152015

The Flash is the latest hit tv series that has transitioned from comic books and you’ll see plenty of familiar faces from similar genre shows appearing in guest spots and recurring roles, on the latest episode “The Nuclear Man” episode 13 of the first season we had Chase Masterson, Clancy BrownVictor Garber and Michelle Harrison (SG1 & SGU) as Nora Allen. However lets concentrate on the all too brief appearance of the Stargate fan favourite Bill Dow playing Dr. Quentin Quale.

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Feb 042015

In the latest Gotham “The Fearsome Dr. Crane while we’ve already met Morena Baccarin playing Dr. Leslie Thompkins we also got Julian Sands guest starring as Gerald Crane so we have in terms of Stargate the Doci and Orici in the same episode 🙂

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Feb 012015

I watched the Supernatural episode “There’s No Place Like Home” this afternoon and was mighty pleased to see Paul McGillion playing Peter Harper and Barclay Hope as Russell Wellington guest starring on the episode which already had the return of Charlie played by Felicia Day. Charlies returns from her adventures in the land of Oz and well it’s never going to be a simple as it seems was it?

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Jan 312015

I’ve watched the final three episodes of the second season of Eureka and well sort of a family affair, you’ll see what I mean:)

In the episode Maneater we had Lexa Doig (SG1) playing Dr. Anne Young who will return in the third season and also Richard Ian Cox (SG1 & SGA) who was Dr. Bob Stone. We then had Michael Shanks (SG1, SGA & SGU) playing Christopher Dactylos in the episode All That Glitters and you can’t help but wish Lexa and Michael got to do an episode together, could have followed the Andromeda and Stargate theme 🙂

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Jan 302015

Just a couple of episodes watched from season 2 of Eureka this evening and in the first we had Sonja Bennett (SGA) playing Callie Curie in the episode Sight Unseen and maybe a love interest for Jack and in the second episode of the night well it was Teryl Rothery playing Diane Lancaster in God Is in the Details.

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Jan 282015

Well another three episodes of the second season of Eureka watched tonight and in the first “Noche de suenos” we had appearances from Colin Cunningham (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Paul Suenos, Carmen Moore (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Childress and Martin Christopher (SG1, SGA & SGU) as the Doctor. In the episode “Family Reunion” the main guest star was Tygh Runyan (SGU) playing Pierre Fargo and in “E=MC…?” we had guest spots for Niall Matter (SGA) as Zane Donovan and Allison Hossack (SG1 & SGA) as Dr. Emily Glenn.

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Jan 272015

I’ve just watched episodes four and five of the second season of Eureka and in “Duck, Duck Goose” the fifth episode we had Anna Galvin (SG1, SGA & SGU) playing Dr. Jane Harrington and David Lewis (SG1) playing Dr. Aaron Finn in a typical story of shanahanigans and misadventures as Jack tries to solve the problem of the sky falling down which started when his Jeep got hit by a meteorite, so it begins 🙂

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Jan 262015

I’ve started the second season of Eureka and yes I’ve finally got the blu-ray boxset down off the shelf and enjoying this quirky and funny piece of scifi adventure. I watched the first season over the recent holidays and just watched three episodes of the second season this evening and apart from some of the regular and recurring cast members who have guest starred on Stargate there were three more that had meaty guest roles and are worth mentioning. So in the episode Try, Try Again (S2E2) we had Barclay Hope (SG1) playing General Mansfield and Vincent Gale (SG1 & SGU) playing Dr Todd and in Unpredictable (S2E3) David Nykl (SG1 & SGA) was Dr. Steven Whiticus and Patrick Gilmore (SG1, SGA & SGU) was Pete Puhlman. 

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