Mar 302015

Well where do I start with the latest episode of the Canadian crime drama Motive?

In the latest episode The Glass House (S3E4) we have a couple of guest stars who have also appeared on Stargate and not forgetting the recurring character of Superintendent Boyd Bloom playing by Roger Cross and the series co-star Louis Ferreira as Detective Oscar Vega. In the latest episode we get to see Jodelle Ferland (SG1 & SGA) playing the sixteen year old Sophie Glass and Jennifer Spence (SGU) as her neighbour Melissa Dixon and for trivia John Cassini who played Peter has a brother who has guest starred on SG1, small world. This was an interesting episode which led you down a disturbing path but wasn’t all it appeared to be, a good episode with a satisfying conclusion and didn’t see until well into the story.

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