Apr 262015

It is always a pleasure to watch television when Tim Guinee is going to make an appearance so delighted when he turned up in the episode of Forever “The Night in Question” playing Teddy Graves a Federal court judge. If you have been following the series the part played by Tim doesn’t directly affect the main arc but certainly vastly improves the episode as it weaves into the search for a certain individual.

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Jan 052014

I know I am a little behind after all the third season of Hell On Wheels finished a while ago but I’ve only just around to watching it, the upside is that I can marathon them and I honestly believe you get more out of a show without a weeks gap between episodes. Anyhow I just watched the first episode of season three entitled “Big Bad Wolf” and was pleased to see the name Tim Guinee appear in the credits, Tim is playing the slightly shady character of Collis Huntington a rival for our “hero” Cullen Bohannan.

Season three premieres in the UK on TCM 12th January at 9pm.

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Tim has recently been in Homeland and Revolution and played Tomin in three episodes of Stargate SG1 as well reprising the role in The Ark of Truth.