Dec 102014

Hell on Wheels like a few select shows is one I like to marathon to get the full narrative effect so with time off work I’m currently immersing myself in the fourth season and I was pleasantly surprised to see Colin Cunningham appear in the episode Chicken Hill playing the character simply known as the Gambler. There were definitely shades of his “Pope” character or maybe that character from Falling Skies has some roots in the slick wild west card shark with an edge.

Colin is a firm favourite within the Stargate community, his portrayal of Major Paul Davis in Stargate SG1, Atlantis and the Continuum movie was excellent.

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Jan 122014

In the middle of nowhere during a cholera outbreak who should I see but Aleks Paunovic playing a disgruntled rail worker named Anton Hersch in the season 3 episode of Hell On Wheels “Cholera”. It wasn’t a large role but as Anton he certainly offered an imposing presence when facing down the shows lead character and anti-hero Cullen Bohannan.

Hell On Wheels has finished it’s third season on AMC in the US and is just beginning it’s UK run on TMC and has been renewed for a fourth season.


Aleks’s IMDB Twitter & Official Fan Site

Jan 052014

I know I am a little behind after all the third season of Hell On Wheels finished a while ago but I’ve only just around to watching it, the upside is that I can marathon them and I honestly believe you get more out of a show without a weeks gap between episodes. Anyhow I just watched the first episode of season three entitled “Big Bad Wolf” and was pleased to see the name Tim Guinee appear in the credits, Tim is playing the slightly shady character of Collis Huntington a rival for our “hero” Cullen Bohannan.

Season three premieres in the UK on TCM 12th January at 9pm.

Hell On Wheels Official Site



Tim’s IMDB Twitter & Official Site

Tim has recently been in Homeland and Revolution and played Tomin in three episodes of Stargate SG1 as well reprising the role in The Ark of Truth.


Sep 182013

April talks about her character Nell on the hit series Hell On Wheels courtesy of Indy Radio and Indy Showcase.

Feb 262013

Christopher Heyerdahl talks about his role as the Swede on Hell on Wheels with the
entertainment site Assignment X.

 Exclusive Interview:

Christopher Heyerdahl

Assignment X