Jan 172015

avatar2 The Daedalus is undertaking a mission to oversee the testing of the Intergalactic Gate Bridge that is designed to use a series of stargates to cross the huge void between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies with a human built space station at its midpoint. They detect fast moving vessel in normal space heading towards the Milky Way and with some careful flying they make contact with the alien ship which is travelling at almost the speed of light, it slows and it turns out to an Aurora class warship called the Tria. When they arrive back at Atlantis the captain of the Tria and some of her crew beam down and after some pleasantries they take control of the city and pretty much kick the humans out but in a polite way. Woolsey is allowed to stay and act as a representative in the long term hope of allowing humans to return but in the mean time the Asurans are advancing on the city but the Lanteans are confident they will not attack due to the programming preventing action being taken against their creators but oops that was a mistake.

The Return (8)

When the Asurans attack General O’Neill who is currently on Atlantis negotiating alongside Woolsey is trapped and despite the standing orders not to attempt a rescue Sheppard, Weir, Carson and Rodney steal a puddle jumper and use the Bridge macro to traverse the huge distance between the galaxies but pop out at the world where Teyla and Ronon are resident. Together they plan a very risky assault on Atlantis and after the initial attack they gain the support of Jack and Woolsey from within the city and the battle is on with the replicators, will they liberate the city before the star drive can be repaired and Atlantis flown back to the Asuran homeworld.

The Return was the mid season two parter and worked very well indeed, lots of drama, tension and action and thankfully we didn’t have to wait months between the two parts. It was great to have Richard Dean Anderson fully involved in Stargate and it was fun to see him work alongside Robert Picardo, the two of them were excellent together with the bickering and dry humour which only Jack really delivers well. It was a little surprising how quickly we once again lost access to Ancients (aka Lanteans) but once again their arrogance was their downfall but as we see throughout the franchise it’s a trait that hampers humans as well.

Many thanks to Miles for joining us for these two episodes, we had some technical issues which affected the recording but it didn’t turn out to bad. Miles is one of the hosts of the Scifi Diner Podcast which we’ve sourced quite a few interviews from, check the show out you’ll enjoy it:) Since this is rather long episode of Gatecast I’ve saved a bit of feedback from Brad for next week but we’d love to hear what you thought of our recent bonus shows and our look at The Return. Next week we’ll be back with SG1 and the episode Line In The Sand, hope you join us.



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Jul 202014

Together, Always by MeredithSGA and yes they were made for eachother, an exceptional piece of art.  Well worth visiting her Deviant Art page to see her other work and tell her what you think:)


Jul 052014

Too smart by half and we all know Jack really likes Homer Simpson 🙂

Feb 232014

I ordered a print of If Only an original piece of Stargate art work by Kimberley Jackson and it arrived yesterday, there are plans afoot to decorate and I’m indulging myself a little although at this stage no guarantee my ideas will come to fruition:) Regardless this is a beautiful print, it came framed as a canvas print measuring 40 x 30 cm and looks spectacular, the If Only image is a variant on her Stardust image which looks great but the more understated version suited my tastes.



Kimberley Jackson


Dec 082013

It has to be, I tell you no matter how much you are enjoying the programme you are watching which in this case was The Tomorrow People eighth episode “Thanatos” when you see that cabin in the woods you have to point and shout out I know that place. It certainly generates a response from those around you but what the hell it’s the cabin:)

On a separate matter great to see Simon Merrells guest starring in the show, not Stargate related I know but we did see him last as Marcus Crassus in Spartacus.


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Nov 032012

 Stargate SG1 season 8 kicks off in the aftermath of the attack on Earth by Anubis. Jack is still a popsicle buried deep in the Ancient outpost under Antarctica and the SGC operations are suspended as Elizabeth Weir overseas operations while conducting multi-national negotiations for the purpose of clarifying the use and ownership of the technology. SG1 are lobbying for use of the gate but a compromise is reached which allows Sam and Teal’c to take the cargo ship and search out the Asgard at the last battle site with the replicators leaving Daniel and Weir to deal with three visiting System Lords.

This is a welcome return to television for Stargate SG1, there was a brief period of time when season 7 was to be the last and the story concluding with a dvd/tv feature film but it’s continued popularity and profitability won out and it returns to Scifi hand in hand with it’s spin off series Stargate Atlantis.

Halloween all the time.

New Order picks up in the chaos surrounding the SGC, America and the nations who have been let in on the secret of the Stargate when a twist in the tale is presented as three System Lords come to negotiate and deal with an Earth capable of defeating Anubis and thus kicking their collective asses as well. As Daniel and Weir play ping pong with a bunch of arrogant and condescending aliens Sam and Teal’c reach out to Thor and discover the Replicators are now free and the war has once again erupted, everything is in flux.


Part 1 of New Order is chock full of goodness but lacks that little spark despite some great dialogue with the System Lords and action with the Asgard and Replicators, the events will and do ratchet up in the second part of the premiere as pressure is applied to both the SGA and the new Asgard homeworld which is now under serious threat. It may have been a better option to make this a feature release as with the DVD as our take on the first part is a little dry but it’s done now but as always let us know what you think, the plan is to release the SGA premiere as an extended release rather than chop it up but if you prefer two sub 1 hour releases that is an option.

This weeks promo is for The Roundtable Podcast which is co-hosted by last weeks guest Dave Robison and next week we will be discussing part 2 of New Order, feedback and general comments always welcome. We are still on the look out for more itunes reviews so make us proud but by all means be honest, all reviews get put into the draw for the Ronon figure signed by Jason Momoa. A big thankyou for the feedback on twitter and facebook this last week, very gratifying and we are looking into doing more episodes in 2013 with a third host so if you are interested let us know via email, twitter, facebook, google+ or the contact forms.


Sep 102012

We have three birthdays today (September 10th) of actors who have performed in the franchise, in this case on SG1 and SGU, lets begin and in no particular order…

Happy Birthday to Canadian actress Elyse Levesque who played Chloe Armstrong in Stargate Universe, she had previously had roles on Smallville and Flash Gordon.

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The British actor Biski Gugushe who made four guest spots on Stargate SG1 as well as roles on Fringe and Battlestar Galactica celebrates today.


Last but not least we have Lindsay Maxwell, she guest starred in the Stargate SG1 episode Space Race as La’el Montrose. She has also appeared in episodes of Blood Ties, Seven Days and Special Unit 2.


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May 232010

A guest star studded extravaganza as the stones really pay off bigtime and threads started in the pilot are taken up and run with. The episode seemed to fly by so when it ended we’re really in the cliffhanger what happens next phase and it’s certainly going to be interesting when these groups finally meet.

The LA agenda, no idea, don’t really understand why they want the ship.

Key Points…

  • Loyalty
  • Betrayal