Mar 152013

I’ve played a little of the game during my lunch break at work on the ipad and allowing for the touch screen and not being a youngster I’ve enjoyed it. Here are a few screenshots taken early on in the first episode of this multipart story.

Stargate SG1 Unleashed

Hammond Jack2 Walter

Feb 072013

The first instalment of the new Stargate SG1 action/adventure game is due in March from MGM and Arkalis Interactive. Once again it’s aimed at the tablet market and will include the original actors providing the voice work for some pretty decent graphics.


Dec 212012

A high resolution shot of Anubis and his super starship hovering over Kelowna, you can find more images from the aborted Stargate game SG1: The Alliance over on Past to Present Online.

Thanks to Stargate Atlas for the tweets:)


Dec 062012

Here is a brief trailer with some game footage from the DLC for the Stargate Command app.