Nov 072013

The second installment of the mobile/tablet game Unleashed based on the Stargate SG1 series was released today, currently just for iOS and offered via itunes it retails for £2.99/$4.99

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Mar 152013

I’ve played a little of the game during my lunch break at work on the ipad and allowing for the touch screen and not being a youngster I’ve enjoyed it. Here are a few screenshots taken early on in the first episode of this multipart story.

Stargate SG1 Unleashed

Hammond Jack2 Walter

Jul 192012

The new Stargate Command app is out now for the Apple devices via the usual methods, I got mine via the ipad app portal and it’s currently free which is fair since it’s still a basic product but has huge potential, loving it:)
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Jul 072012

We are still having itunes issues which started with some listeners reporting our feed was not updating having stopped around the season six finale, adding or re-adding the feed manually seemed to have fixed that but last week our podcast vanished from the itunes podcast store.
We’ve heard from itunes (emailed them) and the answer wasn’t exactly clear and straight forward but we’ll re-submit the cast in a week or so and see what happens. Thanks for sticking with us and there is nothing preventing the manual addition of our feed to a podcatcher even itunes although not sure how to do it with the recently released Apple Podcast app for iOS devices.