Dec 152012

Here we have Christopher Judge modelling his latest accessory the Teal’c’s Revenge add-on to the Stargate Command App, on a side note it was great to see him in Dark Knight Rises even if a small speaking roll:)
Thanks to Eva for tweeting the picture.


Dec 132012

The long awaited addon to the Stargate Command iOS app has finally arrived coming in at a modest 69p (UK ) and $0.99 (US) ontop of the free parent app, currently only for Apple devices.


Teal’c’s Revenge is a simple multi-button combat game pitting Teal’s against an every increasing and competent range of Jaffa who exit the Stargate and only Teal’c is capable of defeating them. I’ve played the game for a few minutes and it looks beautiful but perhaps it’s the thin plastic cover I have on my ipad which makes the button responses a little too slow and then missing obvious defence and offence¬†manoeuvres.


Arkalis Interactive

Stargate Command App


Dec 062012

Here is a brief trailer with some game footage from the DLC for the Stargate Command app.

Jul 192012

The new Stargate Command app is out now for the Apple devices via the usual methods, I got mine via the ipad app portal and it’s currently free which is fair since it’s still a basic product but has huge potential, loving it:)
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