Dec 052015

avatar The team are travelling towards a space gate in orbit around a world that has potential for a new alpha site despite the flying monkeys which seemed to have given the visit a bit of excitement. As they approach the jumper starts to malfunction with energy surges and all control is lost, the jumper collides with the gate and without power is entering a decaying orbit. It’s their lucky day though, power returns and they limp back to Atlantis but they can not find anything wrong. The city itself then begins to experience power surges and all power dies except for Rodney’s laptop which begins to communicate via text and reveals that an entity calling itself Elizabeth Weir is asking for help, you know a Ghost In The Machine.

GhostInTheMachine (24)

It turns out that after the fall of the Asurans the last few remaining replicators were from the faction that were attempting to ascend, they found a technological solution which converted themselves into energy but unfortunately it only allowed them to remain in subspace devoid of real experience. Weir went in search of help and came across the puddle jumper and hitched a ride back to Atlantis. The Ancient technology used to create Fran is taken over by Weir and her consciousness is put into the Fran template and all seems well until the remaining Asurans arrive. Atlantis is forced to allow them to manifest and build bodies for themselves with some conditions. Of course the Asurans have their own agenda or at least one of them does and Weir is forced to choose sides and in a final farewell she leads the Asurans through the Stargate to a new world knowing it would be the end of her and her people.

Ghost in the Machine was used primarily to tie up some loose ends and it’s a pity Torri Higginson wasn’t able to return. Michelle once again did a mighty fine job probably more so than her first appearance on the show as Fran. We did get some good character stuff from Rodney and it has to be said most of the characters that had known Elizabeth were allowed some good interaction with this version and Woolsey gets another lesson into what command is all about and how honor and integrity can lead to sacrifice. Ghost In The Machine is yet another solid episode in the final season, drawing on the shows mythology and maybe be design putting a bow on those pesky loose threads and while Ghost In The Machine is certainly not an original plot it has it’s moments and overall works very well.

Many thanks to Miles, Mack, Dan and Levi for the feedback and emails, appreciated as was the five star itunes review from Melissa (host of the Upper Pylon 2 Podcast). Once again thanks to Brad for getting up early to join us for the recording of the show and as would have it a Ghost in the Machine caused the first recording session to be cancelled, we got this on the second try. This weeks promo is for the Dune Saga podcast, next week will be the first of this seasons bonus shows and I’ve not decided which so it’ll be a surprise, tune in and find out:)




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Nov 172012

 Research in to the former outpost of the Ancients in the Antarctic continues and Daniel discovers the location of the Lost City or at least an eight symbol address which will gate them to another galaxy, perhaps the original home of the Ancients or the hoped for Atlantis. Weir now no longer in command of the SGC heads up the expedition with a military contingent but she has civilian oversight and initially all goes well until power issues forces early exploration of a new “phone book” of gate symbols. The expedition finds friends and makes enemies but there is no way home so exploring this new galaxy is the only way to find Ancient power sources and technology in which to enhance the city of Atlantis and save not only themselves but both galaxies.

SGA Rising is a brilliant series opener, it obviously benefits from the 7 years of work and experience from the Stargate SG1 people both from behind and in front of the camera but you really can’t ask for anything more to kick off a new show. There is humour, action and drama all wrapped up in a very high standard of production making full use of the newest HD camera technology while using tried and trusted techniques when required.

Ok lets not try to be too specific:)

It would be easy to try to mirror this new batch of characters with those that came before them but the show simply feels fresher and certainly a much younger looking cast giving the show a more action orientated look to it but it’s still very much Stargate. Rising was broadcast as an extended feature in the US and Canada while the UK had it shown in two parts, the episode is offered in it’s extended format on the DVD and Blu-ray with a commentary by Brad, Robert and Martin. 

The casting of Robert Patrick as the commander of the military was inspired  he has the chops to do the role without breaking a sweat and carries off the hard ass Colonel role easily and offers just enough to get you involved before as a main guest stars he steps aside for the long term cast to take over. In that respect getting David Hewlett to reprise his McKay role makes so much sense it’s amazing it wasn’t really their initial plan but who else could have played this role and what other character traits would you want to let everyone else bounce off of.

No Retreat! No Surrender!

Many thanks to Jeff for joining us in this uber recording session, he skyped over from the states and really make this episode work well, he will be returning for future episodes which on that subject if you want to join us then just get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out:)

This weeks promo is from Treks In Scifi one of my favourite Star Trek podcasts, it has been around for many many years so check it out, next week we are back with SG1 and covering the episode “Lockdown” in which an old enemy returns. As always thanks for the feedback and discussions on various social media portals, we’re all in the Stargate world together.



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The calm before the Storm

Nov 032012

 Stargate SG1 season 8 kicks off in the aftermath of the attack on Earth by Anubis. Jack is still a popsicle buried deep in the Ancient outpost under Antarctica and the SGC operations are suspended as Elizabeth Weir overseas operations while conducting multi-national negotiations for the purpose of clarifying the use and ownership of the technology. SG1 are lobbying for use of the gate but a compromise is reached which allows Sam and Teal’c to take the cargo ship and search out the Asgard at the last battle site with the replicators leaving Daniel and Weir to deal with three visiting System Lords.

This is a welcome return to television for Stargate SG1, there was a brief period of time when season 7 was to be the last and the story concluding with a dvd/tv feature film but it’s continued popularity and profitability won out and it returns to Scifi hand in hand with it’s spin off series Stargate Atlantis.

Halloween all the time.

New Order picks up in the chaos surrounding the SGC, America and the nations who have been let in on the secret of the Stargate when a twist in the tale is presented as three System Lords come to negotiate and deal with an Earth capable of defeating Anubis and thus kicking their collective asses as well. As Daniel and Weir play ping pong with a bunch of arrogant and condescending aliens Sam and Teal’c reach out to Thor and discover the Replicators are now free and the war has once again erupted, everything is in flux.


Part 1 of New Order is chock full of goodness but lacks that little spark despite some great dialogue with the System Lords and action with the Asgard and Replicators, the events will and do ratchet up in the second part of the premiere as pressure is applied to both the SGA and the new Asgard homeworld which is now under serious threat. It may have been a better option to make this a feature release as with the DVD as our take on the first part is a little dry but it’s done now but as always let us know what you think, the plan is to release the SGA premiere as an extended release rather than chop it up but if you prefer two sub 1 hour releases that is an option.

This weeks promo is for The Roundtable Podcast which is co-hosted by last weeks guest Dave Robison and next week we will be discussing part 2 of New Order, feedback and general comments always welcome. We are still on the look out for more itunes reviews so make us proud but by all means be honest, all reviews get put into the draw for the Ronon figure signed by Jason Momoa. A big thankyou for the feedback on twitter and facebook this last week, very gratifying and we are looking into doing more episodes in 2013 with a third host so if you are interested let us know via email, twitter, facebook, google+ or the contact forms.


Oct 132012

 The discovery of a second location that houses an Ancient Repository of Knowledge has SG1 with support units travelling off world but they discover the device just as a Jaffa force from Anubis shows up and with few options Jack absorbs the knowledge and then fight their way back through the gate. Meanwhile the President has suspended SGC operations and replaced Hammond with Elizabeth Weir a civilian who has been responsible for high level international negotiations, she’s his choice for a public face if and when the secret is revealed to the world.

Bra’tac plays the SGC a visit and brings bad news, Anubis is marshalling his fleet and will arrive in three days to once and for all remove the Earth and the humans from the equation. The only possible solution is for Jack to provide the location of the Ancients Lost City from the data he now has in his brain before it kills him and much to Vice President Kinsey’s dismay Weir sides with SG1 and allows them to continue the search.

Lost only had a foot!

Lost City is a two part season finale and with the highest budget since the pilot we have significant expectations which the first part puts a very healthy down payment on. We get some very good off planet action with the attack on the Ancient world as well as some good character interplay from everyone involved. Weir played by Jessica Steen (only for these two episodes) proves she is a good choice putting aside possible political posturing to make the right call which Kinsey seems incapable of doing, great to see Ronny Cox once again chewing the scenery.

Pretty Woman on a budget

This double episode was packaged on the DVD as a feature episode, for our purposes we chopped it in half and wrapped up as Bra’tac and Teal’c take their leave with the goal to gather support for Earth from the free Jaffa. As we know the writers have systematically pushed away all of the Earth’s allies to make the planet stand alone, maybe one of the steps required to fulfil our potential as a galactic power and the fifth race.

This weeks promo is from Tyrion’s Landing a Game of Thrones podcast, they are currently going through some movies during the off season but well worth dipping into their back catalogue or just listening to their discussions on Harry Potter, 300, True Romance etc. Next weeks episode is Lost City Part 2 (no surprise there) and then it’s the season 7 wrap up show the week after so any feedback on the season finale or the season taken as a whole is most welcome. We are now on itunes would love to get some reviews and ratings, damn shame we lost the dozen or so we had before but they were a victim of an inconsiderate hosting company.