Dec 292012

avatar2 Richard Dean Anderson guest stars in Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore a season seventeen episode of the animated comedy The Simpsons. He plays himself in a story which involves a Stargate SG1 convention in Springfield and the over enthusiastic attentions of two devoted MacGyver fans with the aid of some rope and a hammer. During the fun and games Mr Burns has outsourced the nuclear power plant to India and Homer as the sole union member who gets to retain his job is sent overseas to run the facility with some unexpected consequences.

The Simpsons is well known for making full use of it’s famous guest stars playing themselves and in this case spinning a Stargate and MacGyver tale around Richard Dean Anderson is inspired as it also pokes fun at the culture of fandom a few years before it really became well I guess mainstream and accepted in mass media. RDA has serious fun sending up his MacGyver persona the role which made him a global celebrity in the hit series. The second story in the episode follows Homer as he moves to India to run the outsourced nuclear power plant, a healthy dose of satire aimed squarely at the US and a few other societies that are pricing themselves out of manufacturing and maybe even seeing it as beneath them.

Next week should be the final bonus episode of this mini-break from dedicated Stargate episodes with a Burn Notice episode “Lesser Evil” featuring Michael Shanks as a guest star. We hope you’ve had a good christmas and we wish everyone a happy new year with special mention to those who celebrate other seasonal events, through the gate we are all one family.


Nov 302012

I can’t for the life of me remember this episode and as fan of the series that’s not good unless it’s a shot from the episode were RDA guest starred, I’ll have to see if this is from one of the seasons I own on disk.

Thanks to Peter DeLuise himself for going on a Stargate picture tweetathon the other day:)

Oct 132012

 The discovery of a second location that houses an Ancient Repository of Knowledge has SG1 with support units travelling off world but they discover the device just as a Jaffa force from Anubis shows up and with few options Jack absorbs the knowledge and then fight their way back through the gate. Meanwhile the President has suspended SGC operations and replaced Hammond with Elizabeth Weir a civilian who has been responsible for high level international negotiations, she’s his choice for a public face if and when the secret is revealed to the world.

Bra’tac plays the SGC a visit and brings bad news, Anubis is marshalling his fleet and will arrive in three days to once and for all remove the Earth and the humans from the equation. The only possible solution is for Jack to provide the location of the Ancients Lost City from the data he now has in his brain before it kills him and much to Vice President Kinsey’s dismay Weir sides with SG1 and allows them to continue the search.

Lost only had a foot!

Lost City is a two part season finale and with the highest budget since the pilot we have significant expectations which the first part puts a very healthy down payment on. We get some very good off planet action with the attack on the Ancient world as well as some good character interplay from everyone involved. Weir played by Jessica Steen (only for these two episodes) proves she is a good choice putting aside possible political posturing to make the right call which Kinsey seems incapable of doing, great to see Ronny Cox once again chewing the scenery.

Pretty Woman on a budget

This double episode was packaged on the DVD as a feature episode, for our purposes we chopped it in half and wrapped up as Bra’tac and Teal’c take their leave with the goal to gather support for Earth from the free Jaffa. As we know the writers have systematically pushed away all of the Earth’s allies to make the planet stand alone, maybe one of the steps required to fulfil our potential as a galactic power and the fifth race.

This weeks promo is from Tyrion’s Landing a Game of Thrones podcast, they are currently going through some movies during the off season but well worth dipping into their back catalogue or just listening to their discussions on Harry Potter, 300, True Romance etc. Next weeks episode is Lost City Part 2 (no surprise there) and then it’s the season 7 wrap up show the week after so any feedback on the season finale or the season taken as a whole is most welcome. We are now on itunes would love to get some reviews and ratings, damn shame we lost the dozen or so we had before but they were a victim of an inconsiderate hosting company.