Sep 252016

MacGyver Series Premiere Review & Discussion










“A great deal has been made over CBS’s reboot of MacGyver. The original show was well received for the most part but…”

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Jul 242016


Fans of the original “MacGyver” may see a familiar face on CBS’ reboot this fall.

Source: ‘MacGyver’: Richard Dean Anderson in Talks to Appear on CBS Reboot | Variety

Dec 292012

avatar2 Richard Dean Anderson guest stars in Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore a season seventeen episode of the animated comedy The Simpsons. He plays himself in a story which involves a Stargate SG1 convention in Springfield and the over enthusiastic attentions of two devoted MacGyver fans with the aid of some rope and a hammer. During the fun and games Mr Burns has outsourced the nuclear power plant to India and Homer as the sole union member who gets to retain his job is sent overseas to run the facility with some unexpected consequences.

The Simpsons is well known for making full use of it’s famous guest stars playing themselves and in this case spinning a Stargate and MacGyver tale around Richard Dean Anderson is inspired as it also pokes fun at the culture of fandom a few years before it really became well I guess mainstream and accepted in mass media. RDA has serious fun sending up his MacGyver persona the role which made him a global celebrity in the hit series. The second story in the episode follows Homer as he moves to India to run the outsourced nuclear power plant, a healthy dose of satire aimed squarely at the US and a few other societies that are pricing themselves out of manufacturing and maybe even seeing it as beneath them.

Next week should be the final bonus episode of this mini-break from dedicated Stargate episodes with a Burn Notice episode “Lesser Evil” featuring Michael Shanks as a guest star. We hope you’ve had a good christmas and we wish everyone a happy new year with special mention to those who celebrate other seasonal events, through the gate we are all one family.


Dec 222012

Welcome to the fifth bonus episode from Gatecast in which we are going to cover the Richard Dean Anderson series MacGyver. The format is pretty much the same as what we do for a standard episode of the show so it includes a commentary on the fifth season episode Live and Learn which has a familiar guest star in the shape of Christopher Judge. We’ve also included a little background information on both RDA and MacGyver but by no means are we experts and there is conflicting information on the web.

MacGyver premiered in the US in October 1985 on the ABC network and ran for 7 seasons with an additional 2 TV movies and became a world wide hit making RDA a global celebrity. Christopher Judge only made this one appearance on the show but if you go through the series credits you’ll see plenty of actors and crew that appear in this and the later Stargate shows.

Worship the Hair

Worship the Hair

This and maybe 2 more bonus episodes are going to be released over the holiday period in the hopes of first making sure for those that are interested in a little audio entertainment they have something from us but also to address the expected drop off in downloads of this holidays, it happens every year and we want to save the Stargate episodes for when everyone is back into the swing of things. Next week we’ll be doing a Simpsons episode which also features a guest appearance by RDA in and out of his MacGyver persona, join us and let us know what you think:)

Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.