Sep 252016

MacGyver Series Premiere Review & Discussion










“A great deal has been made over CBS’s reboot of MacGyver. The original show was well received for the most part but…”

Source: MacGyver Series Premiere Review & Discussion

May 312014

Well after some rumours late last year it has been confirmed that MGM and Warner Brothers have green light a potential trilogy of movies rebooting the original Stargate theatrical feature. Once again Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin will be directing and producing respectively and I assume sharing the writing of the movie although adding new blood for a reboot would make some sense if nothing else to reflect today’s scifi market. Time will tell if MGM are looking to match the best of Disney, Fox and Sony in terms of big budget investment or they are looking at a solid middle ground which despite a $100 million price tag at least gives a movie a very good chance of recouping it’s investment in the global market.

A Stargate Reboot a good or bad thing?

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