Mar 082014

Neil Jackson gave a great performance as the enigmatic Mr Dillinger in the recent episode of Person Of Interest called “RAM” a rather important episode within the mythology as it tied together a lot of the events covered in the series. It’s also good to see Neil getting some good guest roles on major US series after the recent success this side of the pond.

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Jan 252014

avatar Colonel Carter takes SG5 to investigate a possible ORI supergate but they return quite quickly after gating to the wrong planet, the SGC computers and hardware comes under scrutiny and they find nothing but the signal being generated by the gate reveals an embedded pulse which Sam believes to be some sort of gate keeper in effect blocking access to the intended destination and automatically rerouting to another gate. The signal is decoded and SG1 and SG5 arrive on the world and discover a lab complete with a DNA manipulation device and a humanoid frozen in an Ancient cryo unit. It turns out the lab was being used to experiment with the development of advance humans and more specifically Anubis was looking to once again reach Accession by artificially improving the brain power of his clones. Khalek proves to be a bad seed, not a surprise being a clone of Anubis without many of the restrictions placed on his powers, he quickly escapes from the SGC but as with all Goa’uld his arrogance proves his undoing as he underestimates both Sam and Daniel.

I think it may have locked.

I think it may have locked.

Prototype is a pretty good episode more so it has to be said thanks to the excellent performance of Neil Jackson who captured to initial innocence of Khalek and then the cold calculating manipulation and arrogance of the reborn Anubis. The dialogue between Khalek and Daniel and then Woolsey was well written and performed flawlessly, it really did spell out much of the current situation that exists on Earth as the SGC and IOA have to deal with in many cased contradicting goals even in the face of the ORI incursion in the Milky Way.
We get some good stunt work and action when Khalak takes on the entire base upto an including using Teal’c as a battering ram and it’s really cheating when you can create a shield to block bullets, doesn’t really seem very fair at all. It’s perhaps more gratifying then it should be that ultimately a single shot delivered from a 9mm from an unexpected source proves his downfall but once again we see all aspects and talents of the SGC personnel being put to good use.

Such a sweet boy.

Such a sweet boy.

This weeks featured promo is for The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast which is a lot of fun to listen as they discuss some of your favourite movies. Many thanks for the responses to last weeks episode over on Facebook, G+ and Twitter and thanks to Brad for the voicemail, next week Alan and Brad will be discussing the Atlantis episode Aurora so we all hope you join us for that. As always we would appreciate an itunes review/rating or just for you to say hello, Stargate is best when shared and discussed together and we’d also love to have more people join us for an episode discussion so if you are interested let us known but for now enjoy the show and we’ll return next week with the a new episode.




Nov 242013

I settled down to catch up with some of this weeks television from the states and behold two familiar faces appeared on the telly, well lots of familiar faces did but these two have guest starred on various live action Stargate:)

Neil Jackson

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Neil starred as Abraham Van Brunt in the Sleepy Hollow episode Necromancer which aired in the US on the 18th of November. Neil guest starred in the Stargate SG1 episode Prototype and the Atlantis episode Vegas as well as a lead actor in Blade The TV series and more recently Make It or Break It and Lightfields.


Michael Welch

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Michael played a young Jack O’Neill in the Stargate SG1 episode Fragile Balance before going on to a supporting role in Joan of Arcadia and spots on the CSI shows plus the Twilight movie series. He guest starred as Jake Barnes in the recent episode of Grimm entitled One Night Stand which aired on the 15th of November.