Dec 042014

An old favourite turned up on last weeks episode of Grimm, Mr Erick Avari guest starred as JP in the fourth season episode Highway of Tears. Erick was one of the very few actors who took their character from the movie into the tv series eventually appearing in three episodes of SG1 playing Kasuf. Over the years he has appeared in shows such as Heroes, Scorpion, Warehouse 13 and Babylon 5.

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Nov 242013

I settled down to catch up with some of this weeks television from the states and behold two familiar faces appeared on the telly, well lots of familiar faces did but these two have guest starred on various live action Stargate:)

Neil Jackson

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Neil starred as Abraham Van Brunt in the Sleepy Hollow episode Necromancer which aired in the US on the 18th of November. Neil guest starred in the Stargate SG1 episode Prototype and the Atlantis episode Vegas as well as a lead actor in Blade The TV series and more recently Make It or Break It and Lightfields.


Michael Welch

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Michael played a young Jack O’Neill in the Stargate SG1 episode Fragile Balance before going on to a supporting role in Joan of Arcadia and spots on the CSI shows plus the Twilight movie series. He guest starred as Jake Barnes in the recent episode of Grimm entitled One Night Stand which aired on the 15th of November.


Oct 072012

Jaime Ray Newman guest starred in the recent episode of GRIMM (S2E6 Over My Dead Body) which aired in the USA on NBC on Friday the 5th of October. She reprised her role as Angelina the Blutbod and once again lets her affections for Monroe govern her actions. Jaime has been in many scifi series including Stargate Atlantis playing Laura Cadman as well as roles on Eureka, Eastwick and Supernatural.

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