Dec 042014

An old favourite turned up on last weeks episode of Grimm, Mr Erick Avari guest starred as JP in the fourth season episode Highway of Tears. Erick was one of the very few actors who took their character from the movie into the tv series eventually appearing in three episodes of SG1 playing Kasuf. Over the years he has appeared in shows such as Heroes, Scorpion, Warehouse 13 and Babylon 5.

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Jul 092014

Fantastic to see Erick Avari in a strong guest role on Major Crimes, Erick played Ravi Madhavan in the third season episode “Do Not Disturb” which aired on July the 7th. Erick appeared in the Stargate movie as Kasuf and also reprised the role on Stargate SG1.


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Mar 092013

I spotted two familiar faces this week on the latest episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist, on NCIS Jay Acovone played Frankie Dean in the episode Prime Suspect and Erick Avari was Dr Lance Reinhardt in the Mentalist episode Red Lacquer Nail Polish.

ErikAvari_Mentalist JayAcovone_NCIS

The Mentalist


Apr 122012

A huge Stargate Birthday hug for Erick Avari who played Kasuf in both the theatrical and tv variants of Stargate. He has also guest starred on more tv shows than you can shake a stick at as well as many feature performances.









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