May 212016

I watched the season 13 finale of NCIS the other day and it marked the return to the series for Marina Sirtis reprising her role as the Mossad leader Orli Elbaz in an episode named Family First. It was not only the conclusion to the season but also the mini-arc comprising four episodes.

NCIS returns for a fourteenth season later in the year.

Marina Sirtis_NCIS

Nov 222014

So nice (always is) to see Salli Richardson-Whitfield on the small screen, she was excellent in Eureka as Allison Blake but only appeared once on Stargate SG1 in the first season episode Bloodlines playing Drey’auc the wife of Teal’c. Salli guest starred on the recent episode of NCIS “Alibi” playing the attorney Carrie Clark and had instant chemistry with Gibbs despite not being a love interest, not sure if that’s Salli or Mark:)




Nov 032014

So since I am watching television during the day  it means yes I am off work this week so I went to the NAS and watched an episode of NCIS New Orleans, still not sold on the show but I’m giving it a go and well it doesn’t hurt when Cliff Simon is guest starring. The episode in question is the third in the premiere season entitled “Breaking Brig” and he plays the escaped prisoner Dmitry Babakov who is chased across Alabama by the team with a little help from Gibbs 🙂 This is the second major network show Cliff has appeared in this new television season and as he says having a reputation as a reliable professional actor will get you work and once the ball gets rolling there are opportunities.


Cliff Simon IMDB
NCIS New Orleans Official

May 012013

Always a pleasure to see a former Stargate actor appear on television, in this case Cliff Simon has a small role with dialogue in this weeks episode of NCIS called “Revenge” which I have just finished watching.


Cliff’s Information Page

Mar 092013

I spotted two familiar faces this week on the latest episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist, on NCIS Jay Acovone played Frankie Dean in the episode Prime Suspect and Erick Avari was Dr Lance Reinhardt in the Mentalist episode Red Lacquer Nail Polish.

ErikAvari_Mentalist JayAcovone_NCIS

The Mentalist


Nov 042012

This week on NCIS we had a brief appearance of a personal favourite of mine, Julie McNiven guest starring in the 30th Oct episode “Namesake”. We’ve seen Julie in a handful of Stargate Universe episodes as well Supernatural, House and Fringe. Always a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face in a show you were unaware they were in:)