May 102014

The Mentalist is one of those shows you either love or hate but either way they do every now and again get a mighty fine guest star and in the episode “Il Tavolo Bianco” which aired on May 4th (CBS) they had Tony Amendola playing the part of the restaurant owner Aurelio. Tony has also recently appeared on Once Upon A Time and Continuum but for us he was the blueprint for the Jaffa with integrity and honour when playing on SG1 as Bra’tac.


Tony can be found here on IMDB – Twitter – Official Site

Mar 092013

I spotted two familiar faces this week on the latest episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist, on NCIS Jay Acovone played Frankie Dean in the episode Prime Suspect and Erick Avari was Dr Lance Reinhardt in the Mentalist episode Red Lacquer Nail Polish.

ErikAvari_Mentalist JayAcovone_NCIS

The Mentalist