Oct 202012

 Jack now armed with the knowledge of the Ancients continues the herculean task of piecing together the information in his overloaded brain looking to find the location of the lost city and through some clever out of the box thinking a planet is discovered. Thanks to the Jaffa they get a cargo ship and investigate this long thought dead planet and make a startling discovery one which changes everything but also provides the solution to defending the Earth from Anubis and his fleet of ships now orbiting the planet.

The second part of the season seven finale is a absolute cracker, lots of drama and humour with some very expensive but very impressive CGI effects and top notch set design and production. We have the search for the lost city which doesn’t quite go according to plan but does reward SG1 and the SGC with the means to save the planet while really setting the stall for the upcoming Stargate Atlantis spin-off series.

The Red Planet but it ain’t Mars

Credit once again to some excellent performances from both the regular cast and guest stars, the tension and drama in and around the Oval Office is riveting  and we get some good stuff from Kinsey once again when he faces off with Weir as well as showing his true colours when Anubis calls. We’ve often seen characters made or broke when faced with planet critical situations, it’s a little trite but it works for this show perhaps because they have been so well developed.

Ok who didn’t wipe their feet?

I dare anyone to watch this episode and not cheer during the final battle or even take incredible pride and satisfaction in the look Bra’tac has on his face as he sees the fruits of his labours and maybe the foreshadowing of greater things to come.

Ok then that was the final episode of the seventh season of SG1, next week we will have the wrap up show with a guest host and then to be honest we are still not sure, it may be a special episode or SG1 season 8 but we have to make up our minds soon. Many thanks for the feedback and continued support via twitter, facebook and google+ but now we need itunes reviews/ratings and there may be a carrot dangling for those who think we are worth a few minutes of typing.

Thanks to Tuning Into Scifi for providing the promo, a great podcast with other titles under it’s wing, well worth checking out.