Aug 182012

Jonas Quinn returns to the SGC asking for help as his world is under threat from a chain reaction of the Naquadria buried in it’s core, faced with the ongoing eruptions and tremors a hail mary plan is devised to evacuate as many people from the three nations as possible. Sam discovers the cause of the minerals instability and it explains why this material is so rare and what eventually led to the Goa’uld originally leaving this world in ruins. Jack, Daniel and the General do the diplomacy thing with the three representatives of Langara and if anything have more problems and head/table thumping than Sam, Teal’c and Jonas have in their Core or even Thunderbirds inspired mining machine.

The return of Jonas (Corin Nemec) to the series was always planned and he came up with the story which was then handled by the writing duo of Paul and Joseph and it fits right into the overall arc of Jonas and his people. It has to be said that not escaping from Anubis really did cause unaccounted problems for everyone opposed to his plans for galactic domination, the fact his planet and his people are still there speaks volumes for the capabilities of his friends from the SGC.

First against the wall…

Putting aside the obvious shades of The Core it was an entertaining episode with some nice twists, Jack going ballistic with the heads of state was priceless as were both Daniels and the Generals reactions. The manipulation and subterfuge by the Goa’uld again added a lot of depth even if that story line was left kinda hanging but it’s not as if you can’t put two and two together and maybe get five.

The Brains Trust and Teal’c at the back

Fallout has a lot to recommend, some nice retro technology combined with advanced tech, some mystery and surprises and Jonas certainly deserved more of his story being told and maybe just maybe the three nations will finally get along but I doubt it.

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May 262012

  Jack and Sam return to the SGC after the success against the Death err I mean Anubis and his super starship but Daniel and Jonas are still onboard one a captive and one running loose around the corridors. Meanwhile Tealc is the captive of Yu who seems to be having mental issues but perhaps his First Prime holds the key to the defeat of Anubis, he seems more reasonable and flexible than others of his kind.
Anubis after using his mind probe on Jonas seeks out his homeworld and the battle for Langara and it’s three nations states one of which we came to know well begins, the Naquadria once again holding the key to vast amounts of power for weapons and defence.

Would you trust them?

Homecoming is a farewell to Jonas Quinn played by Corin Nemec and while he will turn up again the character was written to replace Daniel and now the original is back there is no practical place within the SGC let alone SG1 for him. The double episode opening of season seven does serve to give him a big send off as he fights for his world something which has been a major part of his character all along. Anubis again plays the role of the evil one with panache although his first prime Herak is a bit of a scene stealer but boy him and Jack have great chemistry.

Duck and Cover

Overall HomeComing is a very good episode although Martin Wood the director said the final farewell scene lacked dome depth, after a year alongside SG1 there should have been more to the goodbye but the limitations of tv runtime and story telling won out.

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May 192012

  A revelation by Jonas leads SG1 to a long abandoned Ancient world which is now inhabited by a non-technological society who have one surprising resident, a visitor to their world who arrived sky clad and void of memory. Upon returning to the SGC the situation in regards to Anubis and his super starship weapons system is addressed with the F302 and it’s hyperdrive system circumventing the shielding and a death run towards a thermal exhaust port which leads to the cooling systems of the power core. Meanwhile the two boys go skipping and laughing throughout the ship dodging guards and working in tandem with the F302 but disaster strikes and Anubis once again pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Recognise the Shoulder?

Welcome to Fallen the premiere episode of season 7 in which we see the full time return of Michael Shanks playing Daniel Jackson and the continuation of the battle between Anubis and the combined efforts of the SGC and the Systems Lords. Fallen is a quite a mix in terms of out and out action which is pretty impressive and a lot of talking heads first to convince Daniel he belongs at the SGC and then Jonas and Daniel together working things out, both make enjoyable scenes but it’s the uber CGI fest which is the shape of things to come for this season.

Big Bang Baby

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Apr 282012

 Jonas begins to experience the effects of the DNA manipulation forced on him by Nirrti while on a misson to a world that used to be under the control of Baal but is now overseen by another Goauld. Mott claims to still serve the system lord but is in effect exploiting the people for his own ends to acquire Naquadah and the power that brings. The leader of the slave community tells SG1 of a prophecy about a group of powerful weaponed travellers who will free his people from enslavement by the false gods cue SG1. Jonas falls ill after having visions of what turn out to be potential future events both on the planet and in the SGC and is diagnosed with a brain tumor but with SG1 in trouble can he put off the surgery long enough to foresee a future where they survive?

I would have built huts at least.

Prophecy is an out an out Jonas episode written before the confirmation of a seventh season and produced as the last episode of the sixth season. It’s wonderfully shot with a good mixture of matt paitings, location work and indoor sets which convey a much bigger world then you might expect and we see once again even within enslaved communities there are those humans that support the status quo, fear or power being the driving force. The usual questions over destiny and fate come to the fore as Sam points out under one methodology predicting the future is possible but acting on the very events prophecised will change the expected results but another argues what happens always happended. An example of the latter is when Jonas sees Sam being injured on a mission so she stays behind and gets the same injury via an accident on the base.

She’s Dead Jim, oh wrong show…

Jonas is convinced he can influence the future events to save Teal’c and Jack along with SG15 who are walking into a trap laid by Mott with the intent to gain access to the SGC and it’s lowered Iris. The irony is that Mott who himself has betrayed Ba’al actually believes that by serving up the SGC he can gain favour with Anubis, I’m not sure the uber System Lord has anytime for traitors no matter what gifts they bring.

Prophecy is not a real standout episode, in many ways it’s a filler especially given the events in the seventh season and the Ba’al/Mott/Anubis story line doesn’t go anywhere but at least there is more to come from Anubis and Ba’al.

Outstayed their welcome

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Jan 212012

  A delegation from Kelownan arrives to discuss the possibility of an alliance despite the events which led to the death of Daniel Jackson, Jonas Quinn stealing some Naquadria and then turning his back on his home world. The three visitors a scientist, soldier and diplomat ask the SGC for military aid in exchange for more of the Naquadria as their nation is now the target of a new alliance between the two other states on their world and war is imminent. With technology similar to our 1940’s they face overwhelming odds in terms of man power and strategic aircraft and their only ace in the hole is a Naquadria bomb whose power rivals any of the SGC’s most modern enhanced nukes. Jonas enters into discussions with his former mentor Dr Kiernan who claims an internal resistance is looking to overthrow the current government and with similar movements with the Andari and Tiranian nations with the goal of peace and prosperity.

Let the party begin.

The SGC have a big decision to make, they know that giving the Kelownan’s even some basic military technology aimed at defence  will eventually be used in an offensive manner and they show some mature restraint given our worlds oft used policy of arming societies with weapons well beyond their means and suffering the consequences.

Shadow Play is a merging of two proposals/stories aimed at given Jonas more background as well a homage to the movie “A Beautiful Mind” and it does that but falls a little flat despite a stellar guest performance from Dean Stockwell as Dr Kiernan. You could even argue it’s very much in the vein of a Trek morality tale and in many ways that would be correct, it’s a little more subtle but the message is certainly relevant when you look at the state of our world.

Love the classic Laboratory.

The episode is also interesting as Jack seems to be channelling Daniel at times, granted he has an aversion to the Kelownan’s due to their betrayal of Daniel so he’s never going to be waving the flag in support but he seems well into sync with the Tollan/Nox attitude of limited or no technical assistance beyond basic humanitarian. Overall an interesting episode with some some top notch casting but more of a drama than an action piece with some wonderfully moody lighting.



Nov 052011

  Disaster strikes on the planet Kelownan and to the Langaran people who have recently discovered a treasure trove of Goauld technology in a long lost and ruined temple believed to have been part of a former civilisation from a few thousands years ago. There discovery of the Stargate allows a visit from SG1 who find a culture whose technology and political status echos the 1950’s as states face eachother down and a belief the bigger bomb will solve everything. Whilst experimenting with a new mineral translated as Naquadria shown to be hugely more powerful than Naquadah an accident floods the lab with radiation and threatens the entire facility if not the entire region and Daniel leaps into the fire to disengage the run away reaction and pays the ultimate price.

Never a safe work place when suits are required

The collapse of the Langaran experiment and deaths of the scientists is blamed on Daniel who at this time is simply decaying as the radiation blast ruins his body but Jack despite the logic of taking the political compromise to get access to the Naquadria refuses to have his friends name dragged into the mud. With his life hanging by a thread Daniel once again meets the enigmatic Oma Desala who appears to him in human form and offers the possibility of accession and tries to convince him that despite his own doubts and specific failures he has been a force for good in the universe and deserves to take the next step.

Oma & Daniel take life, the Universe and Everything

Whilst Daniel has his out of body experience and listens to the words of Oma and his friends Jack continues to push the only real witness to the event a guy named Jonas Quinn who thinks very much like Daniel. Jonas is forced to face the realisation that his people are doing the wrong thing and his future and that of his people could be tied to what the Humans can do with this new mineral and chooses the only viable option to abandon his world and offer the mineral to Earth in the return for access to the defence tech it will power.

Not quite a light at the end of the tunnel but it’ll do

Accession, the evolutionary step an advanced mind can take to move on from the physical plane and inhabit the ethereal as pure intellect and intelligence, an ideal way to have Daniel leave the narrative but always have him just hovering in the background if required:)