Aug 182012

Jonas Quinn returns to the SGC asking for help as his world is under threat from a chain reaction of the Naquadria buried in it’s core, faced with the ongoing eruptions and tremors a hail mary plan is devised to evacuate as many people from the three nations as possible. Sam discovers the cause of the minerals instability and it explains why this material is so rare and what eventually led to the Goa’uld originally leaving this world in ruins. Jack, Daniel and the General do the diplomacy thing with the three representatives of Langara and if anything have more problems and head/table thumping than Sam, Teal’c and Jonas have in their Core or even Thunderbirds inspired mining machine.

The return of Jonas (Corin Nemec) to the series was always planned and he came up with the story which was then handled by the writing duo of Paul and Joseph and it fits right into the overall arc of Jonas and his people. It has to be said that not escaping from Anubis really did cause unaccounted problems for everyone opposed to his plans for galactic domination, the fact his planet and his people are still there speaks volumes for the capabilities of his friends from the SGC.

First against the wall…

Putting aside the obvious shades of The Core it was an entertaining episode with some nice twists, Jack going ballistic with the heads of state was priceless as were both Daniels and the Generals reactions. The manipulation and subterfuge by the Goa’uld again added a lot of depth even if that story line was left kinda hanging but it’s not as if you can’t put two and two together and maybe get five.

The Brains Trust and Teal’c at the back

Fallout has a lot to recommend, some nice retro technology combined with advanced tech, some mystery and surprises and Jonas certainly deserved more of his story being told and maybe just maybe the three nations will finally get along but I doubt it.

As you know we’ve had website and feed issues most of which were of our own making so this episode is a little truncated but a big thank you to Colin of Trek News & Views for the excellent audio feedback from last weeks episode “Grace” and our friends over at Tuning Into Scifi TV for the promo. Next week it’s “Chimera” and Daniel gets a surprise visit and Sams gets jiggy with it but not with Jack!


Finally some good news, the website is up and running and if you are reading this then you are here but more importantly the RSS feed is now live and picking up the last 25 episodes, we’ll be doing a proper archive page on the site to make it easier to access older episodes.

For now just enter into your podcatcher or click on the RSS button in the right hand sidebar and you should be in business, the old feed is no longer active.



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