Mar 082014

avatar2 SG1 visit the planet Galaran who are part of the Asgard protected planets treaty with the former Systems Lords. With little support coming from the Asgard who have their own issues the Galarans have opened up talks with the Earth for mutual trade and information exchange offering a memory technology which could train anyone with any skill in a matter of days rather then months or even years. Impressed with the demonstration Cameron gets close to the head scientist a Dr Reya Varrick and after going home with her is found the next morning with her dead and a belief he killed her. Complications arise when it becomes evident that his memory has been tampered with and despite the Galarans looking to sweep the crime under the carpet Cameron insists on an investigation.

Do you really trust him?

Do you really trust him?

Collateral Damage is a rather dark story, quite brutally shot although the rather clever way to shoot the attack and it’s consequences mitigated a lot of the violence which probably got it past the Scifi channel censors at the time. The technology offered has it’s benefits that is for sure but is so open to exploitation for all the wrong reasons it’s almost to dangerous to have access too as clearly demonstrated by the events in this episode and for those that recall in the premiere of Blakes 7 when memories are tampered with to secure a conviction for political means by the powers that be. This was an out and out Cameron episode and Ben performed well both in the one on one with Reya (Anna Galvin) and then opening up Cameron’s character with part of his background good and bad all of which put him where he is today. Loved the guest appearance by Ian playing his dad and we’ll see him again and of course William playing the Emissary always delivers.

Superb lighting

Superb lighting

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Aug 252012

 Daniel begins having very vivid dreams of his early days with Sarah Gardner when he was primarily a  researcher and in these dreams he is studying the tablet which tells of the Lost City of the Ancients. The dreams also allow him to re-experience their budding relationship and maybe not to make the same mistakes but it seems this Sarah is much more understanding, Daniels attempts to translate the table being more important than missing a dinner date. Meanwhile Sam is dating Pete Shanahan a detective she met via her brother and things are progressing well, Sam too to heart the events she lived through on board the Prometheus.

Chimera is very good episode which ties in long standing characters and arc while introducing a significant other in the form of a serious love interest for Sam, one that not only survives their first encounters but also she believes is capable of accepting and supporting her career. The return of Sarah Gardner aka Osiris is well done which again makes use of the stolen Asgard technology to make it possible, we seriously begin to wonder how much more powerful Anubis can be and if he has already integrated all of the Asgard tech stolen from the mind of Thor and the information gleamed from Jonas.

She watches while you sleep..

Chimera gave us some important road marks on the path to the stage of Stargate SG1 and the overall franchise, the final appearance of Sarah Gardner and the demise of another former System Lord. Sam finally growing beyond her own enforced belief that she is defined by her work and also noting Jacks total acceptance of the fact. Teal’s likes his donuts and Daniel sees the discovery of the Lost City worth risking his life for.

Rocking the girly look.

This weeks promo is from The Scifi Diner and next week we are discussing the episode “Death Knell” another strong Sam episode along with again significant movement in the overall arcs. Join us and let us know what you think of the show and of the Stargate series/episodes we cover.


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May 192012

  A revelation by Jonas leads SG1 to a long abandoned Ancient world which is now inhabited by a non-technological society who have one surprising resident, a visitor to their world who arrived sky clad and void of memory. Upon returning to the SGC the situation in regards to Anubis and his super starship weapons system is addressed with the F302 and it’s hyperdrive system circumventing the shielding and a death run towards a thermal exhaust port which leads to the cooling systems of the power core. Meanwhile the two boys go skipping and laughing throughout the ship dodging guards and working in tandem with the F302 but disaster strikes and Anubis once again pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Recognise the Shoulder?

Welcome to Fallen the premiere episode of season 7 in which we see the full time return of Michael Shanks playing Daniel Jackson and the continuation of the battle between Anubis and the combined efforts of the SGC and the Systems Lords. Fallen is a quite a mix in terms of out and out action which is pretty impressive and a lot of talking heads first to convince Daniel he belongs at the SGC and then Jonas and Daniel together working things out, both make enjoyable scenes but it’s the uber CGI fest which is the shape of things to come for this season.

Big Bang Baby

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Jun 192010

Jack awakes from cryo suspension into the SGC nearly 80 years later and learns his team are all dead and the current SGC command are looking for information on groups who back then were capable of standing up to the system lords. This season finale is pretty much a semi-clip show which really doesn’t do it any favours but once we get some new content the episode picks up and leads into the season 3 premiere which if memory serves is a feast of action.

The episode has two good guest stars, Tom Butler who plays Trofsky and Samantha Ferris who played Dr Raully.

Naked Sam and the eternal struggle not to peek.