Jul 102010

Season 3 kicks off with a rescue attempt comprising of 4 SG teams armed with information from the Tokra, it fails and meanwhile Jack is blended with a mature Gouald. It all looks bleak especially for Tealc who does not get the reception he expected after returning home but duty calls and he can combine both his loyalty to SG1 and the needs of his people by leading an attack on Hathor.

A solid return for SG1 but does more to conclude the season 2 finale than prime a new season of adventures but it’s always good to see Bratac and Major Davis and not to forget Walter returning to the Generals side.


Pulp Audio Weekly

We’ve reduced the bitrate of the mono mp3 for this episode, to me it still sounds ok but let us know if you think the previous higher bitrate was better or if it justified the larger file.

Jun 192010

Jack awakes from cryo suspension into the SGC nearly 80 years later and learns his team are all dead and the current SGC command are looking for information on groups who back then were capable of standing up to the system lords. This season finale is pretty much a semi-clip show which really doesn’t do it any favours but once we get some new content the episode picks up and leads into the season 3 premiere which if memory serves is a feast of action.

The episode has two good guest stars, Tom Butler who plays Trofsky and Samantha Ferris who played Dr Raully.

Naked Sam and the eternal struggle not to peek.