Jul 102010

Season 3 kicks off with a rescue attempt comprising of 4 SG teams armed with information from the Tokra, it fails and meanwhile Jack is blended with a mature Gouald. It all looks bleak especially for Tealc who does not get the reception he expected after returning home but duty calls and he can combine both his loyalty to SG1 and the needs of his people by leading an attack on Hathor.

A solid return for SG1 but does more to conclude the season 2 finale than prime a new season of adventures but it’s always good to see Bratac and Major Davis and not to forget Walter returning to the Generals side.


Pulp Audio Weekly

We’ve reduced the bitrate of the mono mp3 for this episode, to me it still sounds ok but let us know if you think the previous higher bitrate was better or if it justified the larger file.

  2 Responses to “Episode 44 Into The Fire”

  1. Thanks for listening Susan and yeah we have a dig at Need quite a bit but I think that and similar episodes convey how widespread the Stargate TV fanbase is and thus the variety of stories we are offered.

  2. trying to catch up on your podcasts – just finished listening to your guests from Galactic Watercooler – it was fun to listen to yet another viewpoint of Stargate.

    Keep up the good work – I’m enjoying your podcast – but “Need” was not that bad! I kind of liked it!

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