Apr 202013

avatar2¬†General Hammond takes command of the Prometheus on a mission to Pegasus to discover the fate of the Atlantis expedition who have now been out of contact far longer than they would have preferred. Hammond overrides Jack’s objections and takes Daniel and Walter on the mission and before they even leave the Milky Way galaxy they find two damaged Gouald ships. It is of course a trap and the Prometheus is taken over by a single Kull warrior with the crew stranded on the damaged ships as the Prometheus with Daniel on board flies away. The mystery is revealed when the warrior turns out to be a young woman named Vala Mal Doran who is stealing the ship to help her people but a now imprisoned Daniel soon learns that Vala says a lot of things that are not entirely true. Prometheus Unbound is a wonderful episode, it was initially designed as a bottle show to save some money using a small cast and the standing sets but the production was getting such good results extra money was provided to create the CGI which really added the icing to the story. The introduction of Vala and the casting of Claudia Black was inspired even if she had just been a one off character but we know she returns to work her wicked ways on Daniel and later to grace the SGC.

Suits you Sir

Suits you Sir

Once again it was great to see Don S. Davis return as Hammond and yes again as a guest star he seems to be getting better roles which allows him to push his character, great chemistry as always. Huge praise to Claudia who only worked on the episode for three days (flew from Australia) who grabbed the role and made it her own including adding her own little touches and while Novak ( Ellie Harvie ) seemed a strange role it all worked out ok.

The Dynamic Duo

The Dynamic Duo

Jeff joined us for this weeks show and I think we all had a good time with a great episode, next week we are going to be covering the Stargate Atlantis episode Hot Zone so we hope you join us for that and if possible send us some feedback. We got a little from our Facebook group this week as well as an itunes review from our friend Michael Clark the host of the Star Trek podcasts The Holodeck and Ten Forward. This weeks promo is from Pulp Audio Weekly which is a bunch of guys talking geek about games, movies, tv and many other things with a lot of humour, they recently had a 3 part Game of Thrones tv retrospective.




Jun 292012

On this day back in 2008 Don S. Davis passed away aged 65.

His acting career spanned nearly a quarter of a century predominantly working in television both in series and tv movies but he will be forever known as General George Hammond from Stargate SG1. That said for me I know him as Scully’s father from The X-Files as well as Major Briggs from Twin Peaks, it has to be said that Don played the military man rather well drawing from his own time in the US armed forces.
You won’t find anyone with a bad word for Don S Davis and the warmth that’s generated towards him from those he worked with on SG1 is obvious from every interview ever given before and since his passing.
Don’s Art













Tribute created by Gateworld.

Jul 102010

Season 3 kicks off with a rescue attempt comprising of 4 SG teams armed with information from the Tokra, it fails and meanwhile Jack is blended with a mature Gouald. It all looks bleak especially for Tealc who does not get the reception he expected after returning home but duty calls and he can combine both his loyalty to SG1 and the needs of his people by leading an attack on Hathor.

A solid return for SG1 but does more to conclude the season 2 finale than prime a new season of adventures but it’s always good to see Bratac and Major Davis and not to forget Walter returning to the Generals side.


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We’ve reduced the bitrate of the mono mp3 for this episode, to me it still sounds ok but let us know if you think the previous higher bitrate was better or if it justified the larger file.

Jun 122010

Due to an as unknown quirk of Gate travel SG1 step though and find themselves back in the gateroom which vanishes infront of their eyes to reveal the rocket motor of a nuclear missile, they are still in the mountain but now it’s 1969. Aided by George Hammond with hair they escape and seek out the location of the Stargate and if they can get back at a particular time they can return to 1999 and the SGC they remember.

1969 is one of the better episodes of the second season, ranks high up in the whole series to be honest. It’s pure time travel scifi with lots of humour, you’ve got to love hippy SG1. The young Hammond played by Aaron Pearl was flawless both in looks and voice pattern, you really believed that was George as a young lieutenant. Michael and Jenny the hippy couple were excellent giving us the grounding in this world and offered us the emotive aspect of the story. Daniel being German was just priceless though but again continuity with Catherine was flawless.

The montage music was created for this episode by Bruce Turgon formally of Foreigner.


Thanks to Gateworld

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