Jun 122010

Due to an as unknown quirk of Gate travel SG1 step though and find themselves back in the gateroom which vanishes infront of their eyes to reveal the rocket motor of a nuclear missile, they are still in the mountain but now it’s 1969. Aided by George Hammond with hair they escape and seek out the location of the Stargate and if they can get back at a particular time they can return to 1999 and the SGC they remember.

1969 is one of the better episodes of the second season, ranks high up in the whole series to be honest. It’s pure time travel scifi with lots of humour, you’ve got to love hippy SG1. The young Hammond played by Aaron Pearl was flawless both in looks and voice pattern, you really believed that was George as a young lieutenant. Michael and Jenny the hippy couple were excellent giving us the grounding in this world and offered us the emotive aspect of the story. Daniel being German was just priceless though but again continuity with Catherine was flawless.

The montage music was created for this episode by Bruce Turgon formally of Foreigner.


Thanks to Gateworld

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