Jan 312015

avatar Teyla begins to experience strange visions of a woman walking around the city speaking an unknown language, she then begins to see a badly burnt man emerge from a transporter and soon the visions spread to other members of the expedition. Meanwhile McKay is delighted to see his friend “Sam” the alien whale that saved him when his jumper crashed in the ocean but as more and more of these creatures surround the city and the visions begin to have serious effects on the population the two curiosities seem to point to an even more cataclysmic event on the horizon.

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I Spy

Echoes is a top notch episode in terms of it’s production making full use of the existing city, jumper and Daedalus sets with some very impressive CGI both in space and in the water which really shows how talented and advanced that aspect of the show has become over the years, it really does rival the best tv has to offer if not leading the pack. Echoes is an interesting little tale which makes full use of the city as a location for a story with mysteries and secrets awaiting revelation. We also get the usual healthy dose of humour in what is a rather threatening situation but Ronon snoring and of course the pigeon discussion:) Many thanks to Thomas for joining us on the show, we were fortunate to have him available when he isn’t working and the timezone becomes practical and he’ll return for a few more Atlantis and SG1 episodes in the near future. This weeks promo is for Tuning Into SciFi TV and next week we are back with SG1 for the alternate reality episode The Road Not Taken and as always we would love to hear what you think of our show discussion and Stargate in general, Stargate Forever.



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Apr 232011

A look into the future of the Earth under a seemingly successful alliance with an advanced culture who helped us to defeat the Goauld and cure the planets and peoples ills. One might say it’s a paradise with life, love and liberty prospering for all but is that just the thin veneer hiding  plans within plans. Well it would be a boring episode if it wasn’t and as we find the Aschen who had been contacted 10 years previously by SG1 are prepared to invest decades nay centuries in a long term plan to conquer a world.

2010 is a slight twist on the usual time travel stories favoured by the franchise as we see the world as it is thanks to one specific and critical event but the results were not expected and that leaves our heroes looking to retroactively change the past to give themselves and everyone else a new future. Of course it’s hard to argue against saving the human race and kudos to Brad Wright for making the stakes so high there is never a question that SG1 are doing the right thing.

Oh and Samantha is happily married, yes a guy survives the courtship:)



Jun 122010

Due to an as unknown quirk of Gate travel SG1 step though and find themselves back in the gateroom which vanishes infront of their eyes to reveal the rocket motor of a nuclear missile, they are still in the mountain but now it’s 1969. Aided by George Hammond with hair they escape and seek out the location of the Stargate and if they can get back at a particular time they can return to 1999 and the SGC they remember.

1969 is one of the better episodes of the second season, ranks high up in the whole series to be honest. It’s pure time travel scifi with lots of humour, you’ve got to love hippy SG1. The young Hammond played by Aaron Pearl was flawless both in looks and voice pattern, you really believed that was George as a young lieutenant. Michael and Jenny the hippy couple were excellent giving us the grounding in this world and offered us the emotive aspect of the story. Daniel being German was just priceless though but again continuity with Catherine was flawless.

The montage music was created for this episode by Bruce Turgon formally of Foreigner.


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