Apr 232011

A look into the future of the Earth under a seemingly successful alliance with an advanced culture who helped us to defeat the Goauld and cure the planets and peoples ills. One might say it’s a paradise with life, love and liberty prospering for all but is that just the thin veneer hidingĀ  plans within plans. Well it would be a boring episode if it wasn’t and as we find the Aschen who had been contacted 10 years previously by SG1 are prepared to invest decades nay centuries in a long term plan to conquer a world.

2010 is a slight twist on the usual time travel stories favoured by the franchise as we see the world as it is thanks to one specific and critical event but the results were not expected and that leaves our heroes looking to retroactively change the past to give themselves and everyone else a new future. Of course it’s hard to argue against saving the human race and kudos to Brad Wright for making the stakes so high there is never a question that SG1 are doing the right thing.

Oh and Samantha is happily married, yes a guy survives the courtship:)



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