Nov 222012

Who Shot Me?

I get so easily distracted when editing the podcast I ended up putting together this little montage of screencaps for one of the better SG1 centric scenes in the SG1 episode “Lockdown” as Daniel looks to solve the mystery, the episode is due for release this Saturday (24th).

Who Shot Me?

Oct 292012

We have five actors celebrating their birthdays on October 30th.

First up is Leon Rippy who has had a long and respected movie and tv career including recurring roles in Deadwood, Saving Grace, Leverage and Alcatraz. He played General West in the 1994 Stargate movie. IMDB

Michael Beach is celebrating as well, he has been in ER, Third Watch and Sons Of Anarchy and played Colonel Abe Ellis in Stargate Atlantis. IMDB

Daniel Bacon played Dr Watson in the Stargate Atlantis episode “Sunday” as well as nice spots on SG1 as a Gate Technician. IMDB

Peter New had a small role as a Farmer in the SG1 episode “Off The Grid”, he has also appeared in Fringe and Smallville. IMDB

Finally Jan Bos celebrates his birth today, he guest starred as Ambassador Sevarin in the SG1 episode “Homecoming” IMDB

May 192012

  A revelation by Jonas leads SG1 to a long abandoned Ancient world which is now inhabited by a non-technological society who have one surprising resident, a visitor to their world who arrived sky clad and void of memory. Upon returning to the SGC the situation in regards to Anubis and his super starship weapons system is addressed with the F302 and it’s hyperdrive system circumventing the shielding and a death run towards a thermal exhaust port which leads to the cooling systems of the power core. Meanwhile the two boys go skipping and laughing throughout the ship dodging guards and working in tandem with the F302 but disaster strikes and Anubis once again pulls the rabbit out of the hat.

Recognise the Shoulder?

Welcome to Fallen the premiere episode of season 7 in which we see the full time return of Michael Shanks playing Daniel Jackson and the continuation of the battle between Anubis and the combined efforts of the SGC and the Systems Lords. Fallen is a quite a mix in terms of out and out action which is pretty impressive and a lot of talking heads first to convince Daniel he belongs at the SGC and then Jonas and Daniel together working things out, both make enjoyable scenes but it’s the uber CGI fest which is the shape of things to come for this season.

Big Bang Baby

We have feedback from Colin and comments from our Facebook group, thanks guys. The promo this week is from Flash Pulp and join us next week for Homecoming and if you have anything to say about that episode or our show please get in touch.





May 052012

 Daniel Jackson the ascended one once again makes a surprise visit to Jack and brings a warning about Anubis and his interest in Abydos. Anubis plans to attack the planet which was once under the control of Ra and search for a mystical piece of technology called the Eye of Ra which he believes is hidden on that world. Jack admits to General Hammond and the rest of SG1 he has now met and talked to the ascended Daniel on two occasions which kinda makes Tealc feel better and not so crazy and surprisingly the General doesn’t bat an eye and once more the mission is a go.
On arriving on Abydos the team splits with two goals in mind and while Tealc leads the defence of the Great Pyramid with some of Abydonians the rest of SG1 along with Skaara search the many rooms deep within the structure in the hopes of finding the Eye and ultimately denying it to Anubis.

Energy saving bulbs my *%”*

Full Circle was intended to be final tv episode of the series with the story continuing in movie form but that was not meant to be (at for the time being) and the seventh season was ordered allowing the consequences of Anubis and Daniel’s actions to play out over 22 episodes. The events which lead to their confrontation and the fallout are built slowly in the episode and even when you know that is the endgame it’s still takes a surprising turn.

Fish in a barrel

As always the desert world Abydos is wonderfully created using the famed sand pit location and matt paintings including the daddy which is the great pyramid, the show really has got this world down to perfection and we even have two uber special effects sequences that will knock your socks off. The first is a pure CGI feast for the eyes as Anubis and the System Lords do battle and the second is a traditional practical effect with some icing as a $100,000 model pyramid is blown up. The visuals aside the key elements of the story revolve around the revelation of Anubis and the who the Ascended beings are which along with a tablet found in the pyramid lay the ground work which eventually leads to a treasure trove of technology and possibilites.

The world biggest candle.

This weeks promo is from The Scaper Chronicles and next week we will be presenting our Season 6 wrap up show. Season 7 of Stargate SG1 is nearly upon us so get the feedback ready, it’s going to be a wild and fun ride especially if you lean towards the spaceship side of scifi.







Apr 142012

  Tealc the fire fighter, Tealc the Jaffa, Tealc the man but which one is the real Tealc and that question is the focal point as he struggles to come to terms with his existence even though he is unaware that factors outside his perception are at play.
The Changling was written by Christopher Judge and as you would expect it is Teal’c centric and why not
no one knows the character better then he does and the twist is the multiple realities he exists in and for the most part unaware that his life as a fire fighter isn’t real.

The episode is awash with guest stars playing the characters from his life so Bra’tac, Apophis and Shauna makes important contributions with Jacob and Daniel adding elements to the overall mix.
The overall production of the episode is good, the location work involving a real fire unit is a highlight of the episode since you can not beat fire trucks in any show and the pyrotechnics are just a bonus. The hospital location again adds so much to the episode, the much larger location working well especially the gardens but it’s the merging of the realities through mainly simply practical shots that jolt the senses in a good way.

I know that guy!

What is surprising and shouldn’t be is that the big battle that causes the whole situation is never shown, the story actually doesn’t need the excitement or action as the writing and “real world” set pieces work just fine.

Next week we will be covering “Memento” so feedback for that show would be appreciated and a big thank you to all those who contributed to the community this week. Thanks to Colin over on Trek News & Views for the promo we played and barring unforeseen events Colin will be joining us to record the season 6 wrap up show so remember to vote in the season 6 poll:)




Jan 142012

  Jack now blended with the Tokra Kanan is innjured and captured whilst attempting to escape for a system lords secret research facility. The Tokra consider Kanan and by default Jack as being lost in action but the SGC are not prepared to give up so easily and demand access to all the mission data from Kanan’s spying. Meanwhile Jack is being systematically tortured and then murdered by Baal who uses the sarcophagus to revive him and then a miracle happens. Daniel in his ascended form visits Jack to offer comfort and solace with an offer to help him ascend as that is the only direct help he can offer as the Ascended are not allowed to interfere. The search for Jack continues but time is running out, there is only so much of Jack that can survive the multiple visits to the life giving sarcophagus.

Time to wake up Jack

Abyss is a fan favourite and easily demonstrates how well Jack and Daniel have evolved their close and rewarding friendship, it’s made more evident because we have been denied this interaction after Michael Shanks left the show and as of yet Jonas’s character  is still under development. The Tok’ra back story once again highlights the divisions between the SGC and their weakening resistance against the System Lords but it’s a nice idea to have Jack’s ethics and personality drastically effect the reasoning of Kanan who probably was a very direct and decisive operative willing to sacrifice anyone regardless of any personal feelings.

Pure evil but with style

The production of this episode is once again top notch, some clever movie making is used to create the visuals and tight writing and direction required to make the most of the intense dialogue between Jack and Daniel and Jack and Ba’al.

To put it simply Abyss is the highlight of the season so far.



Jun 112011

So this is the end of another season of Stargate SG1. Alan and myself along with Daniel a long term listener to the show discuss the seasons episodes and often wander well off topic. The episode is slightly longer than a normal release but if you knew how long the actually recording was you may be amazed or shocked how we gossiped. It doesn’t help that Alan had to do at least two runs to the fridge to grab a bottle or two to keep him lubed up and with all the best intentions Daniel was late for a meeting since he stuck with us:)

We will be starting on season 5 next week with it’s premiere episode “Enemies” which picks up from the excellent cliffhanger the fourth season left us with. As usual comments and feedback will always be welcome and as we’ve done before there are certainly opportunities for a guest host to join us (skype and time zones allowing) to watch and chat about an episode. If you fancy giving that a go then you can contact us through this website or via email, twitter or facebook.

May 232010

A guest star studded extravaganza as the stones really pay off bigtime and threads started in the pilot are taken up and run with. The episode seemed to fly by so when it ended we’re really in the cliffhanger what happens next phase and it’s certainly going to be interesting when these groups finally meet.

The LA agenda, no idea, don’t really understand why they want the ship.

Key Points…

  • Loyalty
  • Betrayal
Apr 252010

So we finally get the Rush episode which helps to clear up the mystery of the photograph he was upset about in the pilot. It was a little confusing at first until it became clear Rush was reliving events from his past when he was approached by Daniel to head up the Icarus project (Rush named it:) ) but the obsessive personality he is pushed him away from his wife at the time she needed him most.

The B plot dealing with our first visit to some ruins which left the team stranded was a little too simplistic but it looks like we are going to get an uber payoff next week.

Key Points…

    • Obsession
    • Code Breaking
    • Personal Demons