Apr 302016

Stargate Atlantis Season 5

In the fifth and final season of Stargate Atlantis we can honestly say the producers and writers delivered episode after episode of quality science fiction, of course as to be expected one or two of them dipped below the very high standards that were being set but overall this was an excellent season of Stargate Atlantis. In many ways you could argue that it was too good because the loyal viewers who had embraced Woolsey as the commander and enjoyed the changes and growth in the characters this season knew there was so much potential that would remain untapped. Of course opinions abound as to why Atlantis met it’s fate but at the time the DVR and Streaming options had little effect on corporate decision making and live viewing figures were not spectacular and we know cancelling is always the first option for the suits.

Stargate Atlantis Season 5

Anyhow we want to thank everyone that voted in the listener poll to discover our favorite episodes of this final season and we intend to take a look at the whole series again complete with poll for a bonus episode over the christmas holidays, so lots of warning because choosing ten episodes will be tricky:)


We couldn’t have done this season without the support of our guests so a big thank you to Thomas, Andrew, Ian, Brad, Jeff, Matthew and Tim for joining us and our thanks to everyone who sent in feedback directly or via our social media. Next week we are going to be taking a look at the Stargate SG1 movie The Ark of Truth and the week after that we’ll take a look at SG1’s Continuum then we begin Stargate Universe, hope you join us for that adventure.



Poll Results…

  1. Vegas
  2. The Shrine
  3. The Lost Tribe





Jun 062015

avatar2 This is it the final wrap up show for a season of Stargate SG1 and once again Brad braves the early hours of the morning to join us on looking back at a rather good season of the show albeit with one or two minor dips in form but 20 episodes a season for any show pretty much guarantees quality will vary. Anyhow thanks to everyone that voted in the favourite episode poll although I thought we would get more votes than for the Atlantis S3 poll but surprisingly we didn’t although I have to admit I wasn’t that shocked over the winning episode:)


So have a listen and then let us know what you thought about our wrap up comments, the season as a whole and any individual episode within, we would love to hear from you. We’d also like to thank Thomas, Brad, Adrianna, Andrew, Dan, Misa and Jeff for joining us on episodes from the tenth season, goes without saying you all helped to make the show better:) The Atlantis season 4 schedule is up (link at the top of the page) and there are plenty of episodes left so if you fancy joining us over skype to watch an episode and have a good chat about it then please get in touch.

We have a number of promos featured in this episode (listed below) so please have a listen, you may find these podcasts interesting and next week we are back into the week by week coverage of the show proper which means Stargate Atlantis for the next year and a bit as we kick off with the Season 4 premiere “Adrift”.

Poll Results…

  1. 200
  2. Unending
  3. The Pegasus Project
  • Total Votes 48




May 302015

avatar Well here we are again for an end of season wrap up show, in this mighty endeavour (well not really) we take a good long look back at Stargate Atlantis season 3 with Brad who graciously offered to join us which normally means he gets up in the middle of the night, above and beyond as always. Thanks to everyone that joined us for this season of Atlantis (Brad, Shannon, Thomas, ScottShayne, Misa, Miles and Jeff) and all those who contributed via Facebook, Google +, Twitter and email as well as everyone who voted in the favourite episode poll.

We’ve included a bunch of promos in this episode so feel free to check them out and next week we return with our Stargate SG1 Season 10 wrap up show so stay tuned because when that’s been released we are diving into the fourth season of Atlantis and all the changes to the show that came with it.


Poll Results…

  1. Common Ground
  2. Tao of Rodney
  3. McKay & Mrs Miller &  The Return Parts 1 & 2
  • Total Votes 60




Aug 242013

Welcome to our first wrap up show for Stargate Atlantis, we have done a few in the past for SG1 and the format is pretty much the same but for this Brad joined us so it runs a little longer than the two person SG1 wrap up show we released last week and of course it includes the results of the SGA poll.

We hope you enjoy the look back at what turned out to be an excellent opening season for Atlantis and while there is no doubt it benefited from  the experience of the existing writers, producers and directors it quickly set itself apart with it’s style and take on some original and not so original stories. 


Poll Results

Total Votes 79

  1. The Siege Part II ( 19 Votes )
  2. The Eye ( 9 Votes )
  3. Tied.. ( 8 Votes )
    • Before I Sleep
    • Letters From Pegasus
    • Thirty Eight Minutes

A huge thank you to everyone that voted in the Stargate SGA poll, it didn’t pull in as many votes as the SG1 poll which was mildly surprising but again we got a clear winner. It’s also interesting to see where the votes came from and they were spread around the world so a big hello to all our friends in the UK, Ireland, USA, France, Russia, Australia, Italy and Holland who voted:)

Next week we begin the ninth season of Stargate SG1 with the episode “Avalon Part 1” with a long time friend of the show Thomas so love to hear what you think about Stargate or the Gatecast past, present and future and the comments can be included in the show.





Aug 172013

avatar2 Welcome to the wrap up show for the eighth season of Stargate SG1.
We didn’t get a third voice for this show so we both did our best and thanks to Brad for sending in some audio comments about the episodes which I spliced in through out the show.
It’s been a good season for SG1 with some very strong episodes particularly the second half of the season and that may have been the result in the belief they were wrapping up the show with the option of an unrealised Stargate Command series as another spin off. What ever happened or didn’t we are left with some stunning episodes both in terms of drama, action and humour with an ever increasing style and production value to the show despite tighter shooting schedules and budget restraints.


Poll Results

Total Votes 94

Top Three Episodes

  1. Reckoning Part 2 (30 Votes)
  2. Prometheus Unbound (20 Votes)
  3. Threads (17 Votes)

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the poll and making it our highest turn out which
was most rewarding.
Next week we will be doing the Stargate Atlantis wrap up show and Brad joins us for that
and then we’ll be looking towards SG1 season 9 and SGA season 2, the journey never ends:)



Jun 172013

So which is your favourite episode from the first season of Stargate Atlantis?
The results will be used for the upcoming season wrap up show.


Oct 272012

Welcome to our wrap up show for the seventh season of Stargate SG1.

It’s been a fantastic season of scifi television with humour, drama, suspense and thrills from SG1 and the SGC along with the enemies and allies in this and other galaxies. The Gatecast itself has had it’s ups and downs especially in terms of the website, feeds and hosts so it hasn’t been smooth sailing so we are thankful for everyone who has stuck with us and touchwood we can tempt those that let us float away to come back and join our Stargate family.

We have a guest host in this show, Dave Robison who co-hosts The Roundtable Podcast joins us and despite not having seen the show recently hardly missed a beat, lets face it once a Stargate fan always a Stargate fan:) The poll results are also included and while I personally don’t think the results were too surprising there were indications that humour as always scored well with the Stargate fanbase.

Our featured promo this week is from Scott and Miles who host the Scifi Diner podcast, one of the best general scifi/fantasy genre shows, heavy on interviews and news but lots of humour and above all listener/fan interaction.


SG1 Season Seven Wiki

The Roundtable Podcast

ScifiDiner Podcast




We got a voice mail from Brad from Australia who gave us his thoughts on the seventh season which was much appreciated, always a blast to hear our listeners own opinions and the itunes promotion is coming along nicely but we need more, many more:)

As of yet I have not decided what is going to be released next week, we have the Stargate Season Eight premiere episode recorded but we are trying to get someone to join us for a recording of SGA Rising. Since the unofficial voting for the episode schedule ended up as a tie we are probably going to be alternating on a weekly basis between SG1 and SGA. If things don’t work out then I may bring forward one of the specials we have recorded for the holidays to give us a little more wiggle room on the main episodes.

Finally a big thank you to everyone that has listened and contributed to our little show and the Stargate community as a whole, it is a passion we can all share.

May 122012

  Welcome to the The Gatecast Stargate SG1 season 6 wrap up show in which Alan and Mike and special guest Colin (Trek News & Views host) talk about the sixth season, the good the bad and the cheesy. The results of our season 6 poll will be included as Stargate fans grade the episodes and lets not forget the Indeed count.

Huge thanks for all the feedback over this last season of The Gatecast, Facebook has been a excellent resource but perhaps Twitter has provided the biggest exposure boost even though it’s not ideal for anything other than immediate feedback. We included three promos in this weeks show and a big thanks to all those involved in Tuning Into Scifi Tv, The Scifi Diner and Trek News & View and of course everyone else who released promos for their podcasts and big thanks to those podcasts that have played ours:)

Next week we start on the seventh season of Stargate SG1 with Fallen and the return of a familiar character.


Poll results…

Nov 192011

  Welcome to the season 5 wrap up show with guest host Adriana as we gossip about the fifth and final season of SG1 on Showtime and have a brief chat about each episode and our thoughts on other aspects of the show. We also have a season overview on Tealc and his use of the word “Indeed” both as a statement and in sentences as well as a few laughs which were not always related to the show.


The Indeed Count…

  • Statement
    • Rite Of Passage
    • Beast Of Burden
    • The Tomb
    • 2001
    • 48 Hours
    • Failsafe
    • The Warrior
  • Sentence
    • The Tomb x2
    • 2001
    • Proving Ground
    • Summit
    • Failsafe
    • The Sentinel

We’ll be back next week with Season 6, for those interested we’ll be switching to the Region2 PAL DVD versions of the show so runtime will be a little shorter.

Many thanks to young Mr Waller for this weeks itunes cover art.


Jun 112011

So this is the end of another season of Stargate SG1. Alan and myself along with Daniel a long term listener to the show discuss the seasons episodes and often wander well off topic. The episode is slightly longer than a normal release but if you knew how long the actually recording was you may be amazed or shocked how we gossiped. It doesn’t help that Alan had to do at least two runs to the fridge to grab a bottle or two to keep him lubed up and with all the best intentions Daniel was late for a meeting since he stuck with us:)

We will be starting on season 5 next week with it’s premiere episode “Enemies” which picks up from the excellent cliffhanger the fourth season left us with. As usual comments and feedback will always be welcome and as we’ve done before there are certainly opportunities for a guest host to join us (skype and time zones allowing) to watch and chat about an episode. If you fancy giving that a go then you can contact us through this website or via email, twitter or facebook.